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  1. i am from canada and i want something that is compact something that i can hold in my small hands and below 2.5 kg and my budget is 1000 i wont mind used stuff either and i really think that the baled 14 is the best laptop for me.
  2. Ah2004

    m.2 nvme vs m.2 sata

    well i realized if i buy like a 500gb m.2 ssd and a external ssd might as well just buy a 1tb m.2 ssd and forget external storage. my xbox has a 1tb and i have never felt like it was filled with too many games so i think ill be fine. thx for the help.
  3. Ah2004

    m.2 nvme vs m.2 sata

    i have a feeling i should stick with 1tb m.2 sata and i will never have to worry about storage again who agrees?
  4. Ah2004

    m.2 nvme vs m.2 sata

    so are the issues software related or hardware?
  5. so i mean comparing a alienware 13 r3 with 1060 vs razer blade stealth with 1060 inside the razer core what will be different other than the normal bandwidth stuff
  6. Ah2004

    m.2 nvme vs m.2 sata

    so is it possible to move games from steam on to external ssd and have some games on your main ssd?
  7. Ah2004

    m.2 nvme vs m.2 sata

    will it be good enough for like lets say 7 games plus normal applications and random useless softwares for experimenting?
  8. Ah2004

    m.2 nvme vs m.2 sata

    thats expensive i live in canada. so iam looking something like $100cad
  9. Ah2004

    m.2 nvme vs m.2 sata

    i plan on buying a razer blade 14 and it has only one m.2 slot which is why i have only two options
  10. Ah2004

    m.2 nvme vs m.2 sata

    so how much should i be spending
  11. so lets say i need a 1tb m.2 ssd for the best performance to price should i go with nvme or sata if possible i will appreciate some recommendations for good m.2 ssd and how much should i be spending?
  12. its a one time buy and considering the fact that the razer blade 14 has a thunderbolt 3 i would probably go with the 14 as its thinner,lighter,more durable,more features,and future proof and being a 6th gen i7 is going to be the end of the world considering the fact ill be switching from a dual core Intel Pentium and lets be honest the 970m is not that bad right? what do you think? +the chroma keyboard
  13. most of the tech i buy is used like this 7 year old laptop i am using it was used and my phone my xbox tv you name it its all used i got my xbox for $170 with a 1tb and halo mcc and gears of war ultimate never had issues with any used stuff just loved the prices
  14. do razer blade 14 laptops have overheating issues?