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  1. You're right especially since I play with headphones on. I just never experienced it before so I did not know what to do. Thanks for the help
  2. Ok, if I was to RMA it would you happen to know if Nvidia would send me a refurbish unit or a new one?
  3. I've never experienced it before so it that a bad thing
  4. I was wondering if anyone has experienced a buzzing gpu and/or if they know how to fix it. I got a rtx 2060 yesterday and installed it into my pc and I noticed a low buzzing noise like a tattoo parlor noise. However the gpu only makes the noise when it has a heavy load or when I open a game to play. The noise is not loud but it is noticeable if you listen closely. I already checked the fans to see if they were they problem but they were not. Also I switched from a 1050 ti so I was not sure if the noise was a common thing for more powerful gpus.
  5. Is there a program I can use to move data to an external hdd because I am not too sure where to find the files and I do not want to move something that will interfere with the computer system causing it not to work.
  6. Is there way I can just drag the games files over to the ssd and not have to download them again. Also doing this method, will the OS not interact with each other since it is installed on both the hdd and the ssd or will I need to delete the OS off of the hdd.
  7. Well I want to keep all my files but I don't want them all on the ssd.
  8. I got a new ssd for my computer but I do not want to transfer all the data from the hdd to the ssd. Does anyone know how I would be able to only transfer certain files such as my winodows os, my games and important files that I use everyday? I am trying to leave the other files such as video files and other files that I do not need to boot up fast on my hdd so it does not waste space on my ssd.