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  1. I've heard that certain power supplies combined with certain graphics cards can reduce the sound of coil whine but which psu to choose? Can I also lower the clock speeds on it but not so low that it will perform way worse?
  2. I want it to look alright, I don't care too much about speeds unless it bottlenecks an ssd (so around 500mb speeds) and I prefer it to be made out of metal and not plastic or something. (doesn't look and feel cheap)
  3. Looking for a good quality docking station for around 50$ that can fit two hard drives and can support 2.5-inch drives. I live in Australia so I'm limited to stores like amazon, newegg, mwave and Pc case gear. Any recommendations?
  4. Crazy idea but is it possible to generate electricity just like wind turbines? Only the air would be from the exhaust fan of a PC. Am I in the wrong section to for these types of posts? Lol
  5. I was wondering if I can buy a Dell Optiplex 990sff and transfer the motherboard and CPU into a new case.
  6. I think my panel fans are crap. If i buy decent quality fans and replace these crap ones then then maybe the temperature will lower.
  7. Ran the scan and nothing came up :D. Thanks!
  8. Okie then. Going to do that right now.
  9. Ok then. Thank you for validating my steps. I can sleep well tonight lmao.
  10. I just wanted apex legends to work on my phenom cpu. I saw the guy in the video run some virus check and i got sketched out. So thats why i set a restore point. Lol
  11. Alright so, I found this Russian video claiming to fix the unsupported cpu fix for apex legends a lot of the comments said it worked so i was naive and downloaded the file. I set a restore point just before i opened the file and thank god i set a restore point because as soon as i opened it Windows defender notifications were popping up saying "Windows Defender Antivirus has detected malware or other potentially unwanted software. For more information please see the following: https://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?linkid=37020&name=Trojan:Win32/Fuerboos.C!cl&threatid=2147723654&enterprise=0 Name: Trojan:Win32/Fuerboos.C!cl ID: 2147723654 Severity: Severe Category: Trojan Straight away, i ran system restore and deleted the download file as soon as i got back into windows. I also ran a full scan of my hard drive using windows defender. Do i still have the virus somehow?
  12. My cpu cooler exhausting air from its fan going into the back exhaust fan. Going to add a side fan to my side panel that exhausts the air out. I think that we'll work