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  1. would a gpu that recommendeds a psu of 450w run on a 360w pus? would it just not perform at its full potential? would it work at all? does it depend on other pc parts?
  2. A mixture mostly first person shooters
  3. @handymanshandle just going to be used for gaming
  4. Im doing a amd build and want to know what would be a good cpu to go with rx 570 itx and make sure the cpu or gpu do not bottleneck. Im also wanting it to be am4 socket. any help would be apreciated
  5. Are small form facter gpus the same as low profile gpus?
  6. Im 14 yrs old and im wanting to build a budget gaming pc as i dont have alot of money for one. I was originally going to get a gt1030 but then wondered if i should just save an extra bit of money to then get a gtx1050. So would it be worth it just saving an extra bit more to get a 1050?