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  1. I am a bit of a noob and don't know where the PWM thing is. (I have an AsRock B450M HDV Motherboard) Also I discovered that the 80mm fan at the back is making all the noise. I have the 120mm fan as an outage at the front and I *was* using a splitter for the fans as I only has one 3 pin connector.
  2. I tried many things like swapping them around and using only one fan but it still creates the same noise level so I just unplugged the case fans and it's is really quiet but will this affect anything?
  3. By intake I mean like should I flip the fans so that the small fan takes in air and the big one exhausts
  4. Hi, My question is in the title and here is a pic of my first build which I need help with. Also it makes a lot of noise so if anyone could help with that that would be appreciated.
  5. I don't know what you mean by input (I am very amateur and rely on dll's to do my work for me lol) but here is an example this.api.SendLimitedLua("game.Workspace.Gravity = 5"); That is what I do but when I try to do something like this and put it into the "": ("getglobal game\ngetfield -1 Players\ngetfield -1 LocalPlayer\ngetfield -1 ChangeMoney\ngetfield -1 Fire\npushvalue -2\npushnumber 2000000000\npcall 2 1 0") (got that off someone's source code) it does work but when I do it myself: --Original Code findCar() myCar.Handling.MaxSpeed.Value = 10000 myCar.Handling.Torque.Value = 40000 myCar.Handling.SteeringRadiusConstant.Value = 15000 myCar.Handling.FrictionRoad.Value = 250 myCar.Handling.Nitro.NitroSpeed.Value = 500 myCar.Handling.Nitro.NitroForce.Value = 5000 --My Code findCar()\nmyCar.Handling.MaxSpeed.Value = 10000\nmyCar.Handling.Torque.Value = 40000\nmyCar.Handling.SteeringRadiusConstant.Value = 15000\nmyCar.Handling.FrictionRoad.Value = 250\nmyCar.Handling.Nitro.NitroSpeed.Value = 500\nmyCar.Handling.Nitro.NitroForce.Value = 5000 It does not work (put the script in the "")
  6. I don't think I worded it out correctly but when I copy and paste someone else's script which uses \r\n or \n, it seems to work but when I do it with a custom script myself it does not work
  7. Hi, So I am working on this app that can execute scripts into this game but the scripts are usually multi lined and I was wondering how I could fit them into a single line string. Most people seem to use \n or \r\n but they do not seem to work for me. Can anyone help?
  8. Hi, I don't really need to do 8k but Vegas's maximum render quality is 4k but I kinda want to try 8k. Is there any way this is possible?