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  1. hello so i ordered my mobo and cpu pretty much ordered everything for my new pc my mobo is z370 a pro msi and cpu is i5 9600k i knew recently that i have to update the bios to use 9gen cpu's but i only have the 9600k cpu can i put it on the socket and boot for the bios then q flash the update for i have to use 8gen cpu to update it i just want to get to bios if i use my i5 9600k can i get to bios ?
  2. hello i will go into the question immediately so im going with i5-9600k cpu and 1070 ti sc evga gpu does my gpu bottleneck my cpu or the other way around or there is no bottleneck at all? btw pc build for gaming only 1440 something around that
  3. MrLovaLova

    GAMMAXX 400 or Arctic Freezer 33 eSports ONE

    saudi arabia (newegg)
  4. hello as written in the title which cooler should i go with i have i5 8600k cpu i'm not gonna OC for to much 4.6 to 4.8 GHz would be my maximum and if i want to go further i will change the cooler but for now im going with one of these too which one should i go with considering the GAMMAXX 400 is on sale for $17 in my country
  5. MrLovaLova

    what psu should i go with?

    ya and btw CX550 is it good enough?
  6. ghello so as written in the title what psu should i go with for this build cpu:i5-8600k hyper evo 212 cooler gpu:evga 1070 ti sc motherboard:z370p ram:16gbs (2x8)3000Mhz 1TB HHD 240SSD 4 fans in the case 3 RGB i really need something cheap but have ok quality i can't give up anything in the system and im only left with around $60 - $70 include shipping please help (pref newegg)
  7. MrLovaLova


    hello so i want to go with B360-A-PRO motherboard but does it support i5-8600k?
  8. MrLovaLova

    2666 vs 3000 ram

    well i don't but i think i can go with the 3000MHz and then OC from the bios but.. is there is any problmes if i OC the rams at that build?
  9. hello so this is my build can i just go with DDR4 3000 without any trouble? since its cheaper in newegg then the DDR4 2666
  10. MrLovaLova

    CX550 for this build

    hello first of all i'm sorry i made alot of topics but im really confused now so i went with CX550 psu for this build what do you think guys is it enough ?
  11. hello so im planning to build a pc soon i will just buy everything after 18 days from now and this is my build and these are the case's i can go with cause im tight on budget and i want to buy it from my country obvis.. cuase of the shipping 1-Thermaltake View 28 RGB Riing Edition Gull-Wing Mid-Tower 2-CORSAIR SPEC-05 3-CORSAIR SPEC-06 4-AERO COOL GAMING ATX AERO-500 so which one?
  12. MrLovaLova

    is this psu good for my build?

    so this is the final build last question about the cooler is it good enough for the build ?
  13. MrLovaLova

    is this psu good for my build?

    yah i guess i will go with the CX550 as the power suppley and kingstone ssd thanks guys
  14. MrLovaLova

    is this psu good for my build?

    how about the EVGA 600 BR or CORSAIR VS Series VS600
  15. hello so this is my build psu also listed with the build is it good enough? and this is the case Thermaltake Versa C22 RGB Mid Tower Case