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  1. Hypa

    Resolution bug

    Yeah i can but doing this repeatedly on startup can get rather irritating id rather fix than tolerate.
  2. So i was messing around with gigabytes software for my gpu to see if i could get my gpu's annoying flashing rgb to stay on one colour. I somehow managed to accidentally change the resolution of my PC in the app and now every time i restart it goes from 2560x1440 to 800 by 600 or some other smaller resolution and for the life of me i cant find the setting in either aorus engine or gigabytes "xtreme gaming" engine(im assuming its this one as every time i open the app my resolution changes). i don't know how but even if i uninstall them the setting still remains and still changes my resolution on restarting my PC. Worst part is i couldnt even change the rgb presumably because on my non gigabyte motherboard..... any help would be really appreciated
  3. got it working by booting through bios after a few tweaks, although saying that restarting my main pc again I was getting no display out to the monitor so I'm assuming the monitor was at fault here (another restart fixed everything) thanks for all the feedback guys it was appreciated.
  4. I also have a pc plugged into the monitor via display port could this be causing the conflict(although the pc is not turned on) I just don't understand why pre windows update it booted into windows perfectly on native resolution without issue.
  5. im currently using hdmi the board only has hdmi and VGA output. So vga isnt really an option with the current monitor
  6. I was finishing off a web browsing pc build that hasn't got a dedicated gpu. I get into windows the first time with ease.I finish the setup and allow it to update, when the restart finishes I get a notice that does the typical old school DVD thing jumping across my screen saying "Input not support". I restart the system again same thing... I can boot into bios is there any way I can fix any resolution errors from here. (note this is currently plugged into my 32" widescreen monitor) Any ideas would be really helpful
  7. so yeah any idea of how this fan splitter is powered I assumed it was female to female, now I'm starting to think it was molex powered which gave me no fan speed control at the time. which I think is why I replaced it but I dont think I have anything to power it now any advice ?
  8. Using some of my old parts to do a build for my grandmother her pc is nearly 15 years old and well overdue an upgrade she mainly uses facebook and general web browsing so it wont need much i dont think,from my old build the spare parts i have are: Ryzen 5 2400G(with cooler) 2T harddrive Case could some of you guys set me up with the best option for motherboard, power supply and ram etc i would need to make a decent job of a basic web surfing pc for her any help would be really appreciated. Also the fan splitter in the case needs a female to female fan cable which i have no idea how to source i believe ive lost it somewhere unfortunately. (its only a 3pin not a pwm fan)i think its just to run power to the splitter via the motherboard if you guys could do me a partspicker UK list if it wouldnt be too much trouble
  9. I'm currently finishing my monochrome build and I'm really craving a mainly white gpu I'm just curious if this is my best option considering I want 2070 super/2080 kinda performance. https://www.box.co.uk/Gigabyte-AORUS-RTX-2070-SUPER-GAMING-OC-_2759257.html?gclid=Cj0KCQiAiNnuBRD3ARIsAM8KmlvJj1lRqiZH3BXV5U-7xkf4RPDZTSeofYraed-oZuc7X1_dMYPHC3caAotTEALw_wcB Any advice of other models that might suit or a better price than the one listed above that would be great.
  10. Hey guys I'm really confused at how I should be configuring these cables. the user manual from the motherboard has differently labelled connections and I'm feeling like a moron XD So I'm assuming that Hdd led goes to hdd led, but it's the power sw that's seriously thrown me off. any help would be appreciated
  11. Hypa


    yeah you're right it's a VA panel but I think for the budget for 144hz monitors there aren't many options for ips and I'd rather avoid TN for their viewing angles
  12. Hypa


    I was looking at monitors for a new pc build I'm currently looking at AOC CQ32G1 its a 31.5 inch curved screen 1440p 144hz monitor with a 1ms response time I'm just wondering for £320 it's seeming a bit too good to be true. If you guys can recommend any monitors under the £500 mark that's preferable I'd appreciate it.
  13. well in your opinion would the x470 prime pro be worth the increase in price
  14. was just looking through some of the reports and aparently the 300 series motherboards might struggle to utilize the new Zen 2 chips if u can recommend a different mobo that will work I've got a 2k budget for the tower so I still have 500 worth of wiggle room just incase so if the mobo is slightly more expensive it shouldn't be too much of an issue