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    21starsinthesky #2581
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  • CPU
    intel core i3 540 @3.06 ghz
  • Motherboard
  • RAM
    4gb ddr3 RAM idk the frequency
  • GPU
    Msi gt 1030 aero itx
  • Case
    I just upgraded the graphics card of an old pavilion
  • Storage
    2x500 gb hdds running at 7200 rpm
  • PSU
    250 w non 80 plus rated
  • Display(s)
    an old Samsung display
  • Cooling
    Hp specific cooler
  • Keyboard
    random rubber dome keyboard with static rainbow backlight
  • Mouse
    Hp mouse
  • Sound
    some old speakers that have been plugged into the system forever
  • Operating System
    Windows 10
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  1. The Nubwo X-lution X 21 mechanical keyboard is a keyboard for a low price at the moment in Thailand (which is the only place I know that you can get hold on this keyboard) is 1090 tbh which is 34.54 usd. The packaging feels premium and it looks like they cared enough to make it look good. Upon opening the box you get : The keyboard itself, a key cap removal tool, two stickers, warranty info and a manual. The keyboard itself is a 104 key and has a slot for the key cap removal tool with 3 cable managements runs. The key caps are double shot and you have a total of 16 fn keys and you have separate Thai printing. The mechanical switches themselves are either Outemu bules or browns. I have the blue switches because I love the nice high pitched click along with the tactile bump. The switch stem is compatible with all cherry compatible key caps. They are dummy switch stabilised which allows for simple key cap swaps. The key caps are a bit wobbly but most of the time they retain their position. This keyboard doesn't come with an awful lot of lighting features but they are plentiful enough to fill my needs and they are all decent but my favourite has to be the one where when a key is pressed there is a kind of explosion of light it is very mesmerising. Overall it is a great keyboard for the people who are willing to buy it and feel like it is definitely worth the money especially considering other keyboards like this can cost quite a bit more. I also forgot to mention that there are also two feet to elevate the keyboard and there is no deck flex at all. It is also pretty heavy and this is my first mechanical keyboard that I have ever had.
  2. 21starsinthesky

    Show off your old and retro computer parts

    I currently have an old first gen core i3 540 that is being used however I have an Amd Athlon 64 (non working) and an old Intel Celeron which might be working lying around I dont have any pictures yet but I will be taking them soon