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  1. Can anyone help me fix a problem I have with my GeForce experience? After every update and/or every time I reinstall either GeForce experience or the graphics card drivers the experimental feautures "freestyle" works completely fine, but after every time I reboot my computer when I press alt+z the feature is not even there even though it is enable in the GeForce experiense setting. The only fix I have found to this is to reinstall either the gpu drivers or GeForce experiense. If anyone know how I can fix this help would be highly apreciated, thanks!
  2. Hi! I have a quite decent specced out rig whit an Asus 1070, an Intel i5 7600k and 16gb 3000Mhz memory. However, I do not feel the performance I should have in games and even just in the os. I have tried overclocking and I am afraid I have damaged my CPU but I have only loaded preset OC profiles in the bios of my motherboard so it should have been safe, right? I experience lower framerates than some of my friends with lower grade than me hardware in titles like black ops 4 and csgo and I also experience an insane amount of lag in fortnite. Any ideas on what my problem could be or if I should just go buy a new CPU? Could it be a software setting I have overlooked? Also, I have two Samsung 970 EVO's in raid 0 and don't see the speed I should be expecting in boot times, game loading times and overall snappiness in the os. Thanks for any help, I appreciate it.
  3. H1ry09

    Underperforming hardware

    Ok, thanks. My numbers look normal. I got 320fps average in a cs go benchmark and I peeked at 699cb in cinebench although I saw users with 0.2Ghz higher clock speeds reach 800. But still, I don't know why I lag in some games. My OS is 64-bit education, do you think that can be the reason?
  4. H1ry09

    Underperforming hardware

    ASUS maximus ix hero