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  1. Sir_nolan

    New build won’t post

    No other way to do it with out getting an older cpu?
  2. Sir_nolan

    New build won’t post

    I don’t think it is, it won’t even get me to the bios. I’m not sure how I can update it though
  3. Sir_nolan

    New build won’t post

    So I just built my boyfriend a pc last night, but it’s not posting. Running an i7 9700k, msi z370 gaming m5, gtx 1060 I was going to get an 8700k originally but I got a good deal on the 9700k after I purchased the mobo. I just thought I could update the bios for 9th gen but it won’t even post. It was giving me post code 18, I tried clearing the cmos and then I got code 00. So I’m not sure what to do from here. Any help is appreciated.
  4. Sir_nolan

    1440p on a 1060 6gb?

    I like to play XCOM 2, stellaris, 7 days to die. Mostly RTS or simulation games.
  5. Sir_nolan

    1440p on a 1060 6gb?

    Just wanted some advice on if it’s worth it to upgrade my monitor. Right now I have a 27” 1080 60hz Samsung monitor, my system is an i7 7700k with a 1060. I saw there’s a great deal on a 27” 1440 60hz. I was wondering if my card could keep up with 1440 or if I should just look for a 1080 with higher refresh