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  1. So I finished building this PC and it's not showing any display when I connect hdmi from gpu to monitor, no led signals turned on from the motherboard. Don't know what to do to show display or where I might of messed up
  2. I'm using a 1920 x 1080 resolution monitor with a 144 hz would that be the reason it's not showing up or could it be the wiring? I connect the hdmi the elgato came with from the input of the 4k60 pro and then to the hdmi of my gaming gpu
  3. It's only giving me the 1080/60 option'
  4. So I bought a the Elgato 4k60 pro to capture my gaming pc screen to go to my streaming pc but I don't know if I'm still capped at a certain amount of hertz on my monitor or frames. I bought this capture card because I was told it would bypass the cap at 60hz and frames. On my Nvidia panel it says I'm at 60hz and on the display setting it says 144 hz? Is that normal? By the way I am doing the cloning of the screens method for the dual pc streams
  5. So on the nvidia panel it says I have 60 hz and on the display it says 144 hz?
  6. So I bought one what are the best settings for streaming using this capture card ? Do you use the software at all or just plug it in?
  7. So the Elgato 4k60 allows your games to run at the frames you should be at?
  8. So I barely got my second pc for streaming and I'm using the Elgato HD60 pro as my capture card, and I'm wondering since I duplicated my monitors on the Nvidia panel from the elgato and the main 144 hz monitor, do I get capped at 60hz and a certain amount of frames? I check my display settings and it says its at 143 hz still but I don't know a lot of people were saying they were capped at 60hz. If that's the case what's the best solution to get my full 144 hz?
  9. Just finished building my pc and the pc keeps rebooting and rebooting don’t know what to do
  10. If I’m getting a intel core i5 9400f cpu and a asus rog Strix rtx 590 what’s the best motherboard to get
  11. I’m looking to buy a mini pc good for editing photos and videos need help with picking parts though. My budget is not super high but decent like around 400-600$
  12. Have you found a solution I’m having the same problem?!
  13. I uninstalled all my drivers because my GeForce experience wasn’t working and now when I try to install the GeForce experience it just says installation failed. I figured out a way to manually install the drivers but I like the GeForce experience as well. Help don’t know what to do I’ve tried the ddu cleanse