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  1. I have gone through the bios and it wont allow me to boot from the pcie slot. I imagine i will probably go with a new MOBO as it will be cheaper that a decent raid controler
  2. I have been sourcing my media server machine for a while now and now I have hit an unexpected snag. I have 4 4TB WD HDDs that are occupying my 4 sata ports on my ASUS z370 MOBO....as I wanted to use the raid controller on the MOBO I opted for a PCIE expansion card to supply additional SATA ports for my SSD that I wanted to use for my OS to decrease latency on my network. However, I cannot get the system to boot from the SSD plugged into the expansion card. I have removed my raid array and plugged directly into SATA 1 and get a successful launch. I have been successful in partitioning the SSD, downloading W10 Pro to it from my USB W10 launcher with the SSD plugged into the expansion card and the RAID array occupying all the SATA ports. However, when the OS reboots it wont recognize the boot drive on the SSD when it is plugged into the expansion card. I cannot switch to an M.2 SSD as this will occupy my SATA 1 pathway and i have tried the controller in each PCI port on the MOBO and each has the same results. So...does this mean that I need to get a MOBO that has more SATA ports or that there is an issue with the expansion card...In full disclosure, the expansion card was the cheapest offering from NewEgg...
  3. It was a typo on my original post...I have an H310.
  4. My company is upgrading our existing towers for some employees and I am able to but some of the old hardware at an absolute steal. My questions is relating to the core I5 7500 processor that the towers have and if it would be compatible to replace the Pentium G5500 in my NAS server that has a B310 chipset. The extra cores would seem to help with trans-coding of my media in PLEX.
  5. Thanks, is there a specific need to use ECC Ram when going with ubuntu server and btrfs? I have been reading a lot of things about FreeNAS really liking ECC which drives the build price up.
  6. Thanks for the recommendation....any thoughts on what linux would would work well and do you know if Plex has any issues reading from a btrfs drive? I know they have pretty good support for FreeNAS.
  7. Alright so its cold outside and I got the crazy itch to rip my 300 + DVD and 90+ Blu-Ray collection to a NAS. So my intent is to go the used eBay route and try to build this as close to 280 / 300 (not including drives) as possible. My research has driven me this route as the proprietary hardware used by stand alone NAS units such a Synology make me concerned for expansion and maintenance down the road. Noise will be of concern so old server components will not be ideal and the smaller the form factor the better. Nothing that will be stored on this NAS will be super important to the point I would mind running RAID 0. My end plan is to run FreeNAS and use PLEX to interface with all my media. I thank everyone in advance for any input you can shoot my way. UPDATE: I picked up a Asrock H370m-Mini-ITX for $50...only issue is that I need to run a 1151 CPU for it...anyone have any thoughts on if I need an I3 or if i can use a Celeron G3900 / 3920 and be OK?
  8. Thanks for taking the time to send over the party list links!
  9. How about stepping up to the i5 9600....or would the cost benefit be marginal?
  10. With the overclock on your 2700x what CPU temps are you getting under load? And are you running an AIO or an air cooler? Thanks!
  11. I will do some more looking into pricing....WD, Samsung, and Crucial are the brands I've been shopping for storage. Thanks!
  12. About $350 but bang for the buck and hardware longevity are important to me.
  13. I am finally building a desktop to replace my household laptop and as this is my first foray into hands on building a machine I wanted to get some general input on a few issues related to my build. My build specs thus far are as follows: EVGA Supernova G3 750 PSU (delivered) ASUS GTX 1080 (not yet ordered) 16 GB Corsair LPX DDR4 3000 (not ordered) Phanteks Eclipse P300 Mid Tower Case (delivered) Ideally M.2 storage but most likely SATA SSD due to budget. My biggest items I want input on are processor selection and motherboard selection. The two processors I am debating between are the I5 8600k or Ryzen 2700X, i have run Intel on all my computers my whole life but the current reviews of the AMD lineup are pretty enticing and the pricing is attractive as well. Lastly, the selection and quantity or questionable reviews on motherboards is driving me up a wall. My main uses for this setup will be average gaming and running my home media network which is being constrained by using the super shitty interfaces of my Marantz unit...they make a great amp / video & sound processor but the interface is awful. My specs might be a bit overkill but I like shiny tech so... I appreciate any assistance that they world can throw my way on this...I am not married to my current specs and I have not yet ordered everything so changes might be made depending.