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  1. Same here, literally tried every single tweak and everything I could find but still couldn't fix the issue. I guess the only option is the reformat with Windows 10. But I can't format it at this moment since I have to really change to a whole new Windows also have some important things and saved settings here. But don't you think during the MemTest64 there is kind of "throttling" and could be due to the RAM? Just pay attention on Current and Minimum column on how the Clock Speeds significantly decreassed. could the RAMs just failed it? I actually found out something interesting, usually doing the CPU benchmarking with AIDA64 software it did made the game (CSGO) run faster and feel smoother for some time but then it started to lag again. Before I didn't really payed attention on this PC cause I knew it is a low end hardware and can't really be expecting that much of performance out of it, I even had the 22 Inch 60hz which had lots of ghostings and high response time but it did had a decent performance for it's capacity unlike now and before 5 months that started to give me the frame drops and sttuters. It just so weird, it might even be any software or program that messed up with performance but yet ain't so sure... Could it be even EMI?
  2. Should be incorrect reported values obviously. I configured the IPMI and this is before and after the tests. Not sure which reported values are correct or incorrect but even on IPMI it doesn't really look to be that 100% accurate as well. Before the test: Before test IMPI monitoring sensors: After 15 Min: After 15 min IPMI Monitoring Sensors: After 30 min test: After 30 min IPMI Monitoring Sensors: MemTest64 3 Screenshots during testings with HWInfo Monitoring: 2 More HWInfo Monitoring Screenshots of GPU and the voltages: Sorry again for the image spams. That's all about it , more accurate values than that doubt it can even get. So after all those tests and researchings I think it should either be the CPU or the RAM (tried to reseat the rams, also tried with 1 stick 4Gb and only 2 Stick 2GB to like 4Gb but the results were pretty much the same; Full Stutters and easly frame drops) , in the worst case it could be the motherboard as you are saying the VRM or something defective on the hardware. I hope those tests could give some insights on finding the cause of the frame drops and stutters, also thanks again for all your time and will to help. As well as the others for even little efforts to help. That's all the informations I could give. Unfortunately, I got a message from the eBay seller that the X3470 will not be shipped during this pandemic state cause of their shipping service can't ship on my country, so I guess I should try to buy from another seller or who knows how many time I should wait from the goverment restrictions on even the online ordered products.. I also wanted to fully do a Windows 10 Pro and CPU upgrade so I could fix the issue with them, but I can't really upgrade the PC at this moment. But will see later. P.s: Also forgot to mention , did a fully HDD defragmentation with Fraggler software for 10 hours overnight and there were 105GB~ of fragmented files on the disk for 2 years of use, it did fix the HDD access time on I/O , it kinda feels faster now but still the gaming performance is the same, the same frame drops and sttuters and the same "not deserved" performance.
  3. Yeah, yeah it totally makes sense. I had once a uncompatible fan for a really old celeron PC that had different header nor the controller not sure if I remember correctly, it just ran at it's full speed and couldn't really control it until I changed to a AMD fully functional fan which seemed to work just fine. So I guess I should be sticking with the Stock Fan Cooler at this time and see how it performs, hopefully the New CPU and Windows 10 Pro Upgrade will fix those sttuters and frame drops and will also fully clean the Stock CPU Fan and replace with a new thermal paste layer precisely so it is gonna have a good contact between them. As it looks like there's no other options left.
  4. That's right but you can see that it has 4 wires that are usable but it has a 6 pin fan header. For better looking, i made 2 camera shots with my phone of the CPU and System Fan headers: If it is not compatible should I use a fan adapter? Nor recommend another compatible fan for this Desktop Server.
  5. This is what processes and services I'm always running when I play CSGO and trust me that doesn't even make a difference even after booting up the Windows then stop the unecessary processes and services (Windows Update) , it's yet the same now it even started to stuck on loading map screen so I have to wait a whole 2 minute for it to load the map.. then running it on full stutters and "kind of smooth performance" then again getting dropped to 60-70 fps with huge lags and sttuters. Which normally with that GPU didn't even fall below 140 fps while maintaining a smooth normal performance for it's own limits and capacity. In the Intel's official page for this specified CPU, it says that it's TCASE 72.7°C is the Max this CPU can handle, also since you say the CPU that I have doesn't really care about the power virus , it might secretly downclocking the CPU Speed to lower the temperature after going more than 72.7°C . And yes, obviously sent the screenshot while I was running the prime95 tests, but I sent other screenshot (the one you replied with) while not running the strees test to see the registered CPU Speed Clocks. I tried the ASUS real benchmark software but looks like it doesn't recognize the CPU's temperature sensor the same as CoreTemp software, not just that but it doesn't even recognize the CPU model as well saying it like i7 while I have X3430 , except only the HWINFO64 does detect them accurately I guess, so I ran two times the 15 min strees test and recorded the temperature values with HWINFO. | " If it isn't thermal issues (which real bench will tell us), it may be VRM, or it may be software. If its VRM, throwing a more power hungry CPU will just make it worse... If its software, well that will be a fun and exciting rabbit to go down, by which I mean it will suck, a lot." Not really sure about VRM, but with "If its software, well that will be a fun and exciting rabbit to go down" do you mean about the drivers by that? Since I guess I can only do a fresh Windows 10 Pro Upgrade and see if it fixes those lag problems but I just ordered the X3470 on eBay today and they had the Standard SpeedPAK shipping option and hopefully I will get it for 2 weeks or less. Either I can make HDD virtual partition and install Windows 10 nor SteamOS as Dual-Boot and see if the issue still persists. To be honest, I haven't formated this PC since I bought it 2 years ago but I actually cleaned everything; starting from malwares, junk files, uneccesary programs and even removed some high sized games. It did help with the browsing performance a little but yet I can still see the "CPU lags and stuters" where in the game it stays just the same with full stutters and frame drops. As for not wasting moneys on this PC. Those are my only options at this moment and it is cheaper than buying a used system hardware here cuz they cost like 400-500 Euros which wouldn't be that ideal decision. My final and most expensive setup gonna be the final PC Setup after 10 years of low end hardwares and different kinds of brutal laggings and bottlenecks on my own skills and all potentials I had and yet have, the frustratings, headaches and bad experiences from them everything will hopefully be left in the past. So I really need something decent to have for now, as I'm left with no other option nor hardware to use until then. P.s: Sorry for all the spam from the images cause I couldn't upload them in other websites.
  6. There's no need to get offended about it, I said it in general which the reason I came here to discuss about my problem. Actually, I appreciate every single one's help here and have no reason to offend them, I appreciate even their little efforts trying to answer my questions. As for the fan, this is the stock fan connector (https://www.serverworlds.com/hp-576930-001-ml-110-g6-fan-572335-001/)
  7. If it's not thermal throttling isses then why i'm getting such frame drops and stutter issues just after 2 days of fully working and after 5 months of not using the pc during pandemic before the GPU upgrade? Doesn't it sound dumb? to be working just fine on first 2 days giving me buttery smooth performance then suddenly dropping brutally out of nowhere and became the same as my old Quadro 2000? It don't hide the fact that it's very, very slow by nowadays standards but literally dropping brutally and giving fully stutters even on some browsing load... let alone the gaming side? It obviously gotta be the issue somewhere to the cpu nor the cooling system or even the motherbaord's VRMs. I don't really expect it to run on 2.8Ghz on all cores since the 2.8Ghz is only for a a single core to be hit, so the max turbo speed on all cores is 2527.5Mhz , so it can't go higher. But this gonna be fixed after upgrading to X3470 where it's base clock speed is 2.93 GHz which I guess on all core max speed should be 3.2Ghz without manually overclocking it. You think I didn't though on that? I've tried to buy used pc system to at least be supporting the DDR4 Ram and pair it up with my GTX 1650 so I would remove all this struggles and pointless upgradings without giving moneys more than it's worth. An i5-6600 pc system costs 350-400 Euro and that is a used one, and also OEM one, it's not even K variant of CPUs. There's not even a single used pc setup that has K variant cpus in my country since they all are selling brand new ones, i5 7th to i9 10th PC Builds. However I'm planning hopefully to build in the next months a brand new PC SETUP up to $3000 with Intel 10th and Nvidias 3000 Series upcoming GPUs. So it hurts me in soul to upgrade this "gaming" desktop server. But hopefully I can reuse the new GPU or even sell it, so It's not really that I lost moneys for that upgrade. Either I'm gonna sell the whole PC Setup which costed $200 including monitor and pheriperals, I'm also using the best possible BenQ XL2546 240Hz monitor which I'm gonna reuse it with the new PC Setup. And trust me the high refresh rates and a whole brand new GTX 1650 ain't even relevant, it feels like they don't even exist.. It's just so frustrating to give all this moneys and yet can't even at least utillize the 50% of the GPU and monitor (Monitor is gonna get reused but yet at this moment it feels like wasting my moneys on something that I can't fully utillize..). I fully understand that this cpu is a low end and obviously shouldn't be expecting more from it but buying a used pc system that has i7 4770K ( not sure if they are even selling such systems here, mostly they are not especially the K variants one) would cost me like 400-500 Euros which that way I can even build a brand new pc setup with some entry level hardwares and good looking pc case. I JUST SIMPLY WANT the pc to run like it was 2 first days and at least to have those "forced" provided framerates stable even if they are low. So that's the reason I want to buy even the new cooler and the latest cpu model my motherboard can support, just to remove those instabillities, frame drops and full stutters. I hope you understand what I'm trying to say since I'm sturggling to this lags and latency problems for over 2 years after buying this server. Asking everywhere about this problem but coudln't even get an useful answer or neither a fix for this problem except getting only mediocre answers and sometime not even the answers that are not even related to the topic.. Literally wasting my time everywhere with random things that I do even know myself, so it just remains like that and yet nothing is even solved... It's just so furstrating only just the pc problem let alone looking for answers to such people who only answer mediocre answers that even them deeply know that they aren't even necessary...
  8. Did a quick 1 minute test with the CPU-z benchmark, and those are the results. Also the GPU is literally brand new and doesn't even have any problem. It ran just fine but I can tell the CPU is the problem here, since even with my old Quadro 2000 it worked fine for some months but then it started to drop badly. Even there I thought it was cause of the low-end GPU but not it was the CPU that held the performance back. I'm literally lagging even on just browsing. I cleaned it from different left caches and junks, programs. Also I'm getting this on DPC Latency: I'm really hardcore competitive player, so I mean you can tell it already that it's a deal breaker even after upgrading the GPU. My PC Specs: HP ProLiant Ml110 G6 Desktop Server Xeon X3430 8 GB Ram, 1 slot 4GB, 2 slots 2 GB (That way came refurbished) 480GB HDD Also forgot to mention, the CPU fan literally just blows out out of nowhere even just browsing and being on idle, and yeah it is fully cleaned. But those 2 last days it started not to be that loud, it's just so weird how this CPU fan works...
  9. Alright, I guess it would help me not to buy a newer cooler as I don't want to invest more on that Desktop Server anymore. But yet i'm forced to since it feels like my new GTX 1650 doesn't even exist... i'm literally getting the same performance as on my old Quadro 2000... Giving me full sutters and frame drops just after 2 days from the upgrade. Which I'm not sure what might be causing it, it could be the cpu fan not cooling it right neither the cpu is deffective itself.
  10. Hey, Should I upgrade my desktop server's CPU Fan that has this one (HP 576927-001) to this one (Cooler Master Hyper RR-T4-18PK-R1) ? I plan to upgrade from Xeon X3430 to Xeon X3470 so I will need a decent cooling for my CPU, will it be considered as an upgrade or downgrade or whatever? I upgraded my old Quadro 2000 to GTX 1650, it worked great for 2 days then the CPU started to drop frames and have full sutters. It kinda looks like a thermal problem but i'm yet not sure on what cloud be hwinfo shows 63,64,66C and such on max tab, as normally it stays on 60C~ under load. I will also install a fresh Windows 10 Pro Edition when the CPU arrives. Thanks.
  11. Understandable, have a great day. Thank you.
  12. Won't max that now hm? How clear should I even make my question? I realized the first one was still not enough for you to get it, so I tried to make it more clear but you still keep repeating the same things. What kind of "terms and specifications" do you want to be told? Isn't it enough that I asked what are the bottlenecks even the marginal ones and put the bandwidth infos there? My reply still remains up there, if you gonna answer it clearly just do it, if not move ahead.
  13. If you are just gonna suggest people what to watch and what to do then I don't know whats the point of this whole forum. I've literally stated everything what I wanted to ask, if you are capable of understanding my questions, you are more than welcome to answer them. If not, it's not necessary to just reply the same answers over and over again. Thank you, also no offense.
  14. Sorry but could any one here who has more knowledge answer the question?
  15. I was expecting a longer answer but alright thank you.