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  1. I have 2 computers. A new one with 1TB WDBlue in factory settings, and another with 2TB WD green with 1.3TB taken up (Both on same windows 10 version) I Would like to transfer ALL my things from PC B to PC A. Could i just unplug it and plug the drive i use in? Or even better, could i plug the second drive as an additional drive giving me 3TB (Sorry not super good with computers)? Any and all responses appreciated
  2. I don't know what virus i have unfortunetly none of your ideas worked but thank you for your help.
  3. So I have just realised that I CANT reset my pc. When I went into settings it said that it can not reset it and when I went to bois settings, troubleshooting, I just got advanced options. So now I can not even reset my pc!
  4. I have decided that I will reset my pc. Hopefully a small reset will work but if not then I guess ill have to reset it to factory settings.
  5. I have made sure it is set to google and redirects are blocked.
  6. I tried that but I only have google docs as an extention. Nothing else
  7. Disclosure- I tried to install some paid software for free which I agree is a bad move so no rude comments please. After installing software, I went on chrome and tried to search something up, It searched on yahoo and every time I tried to go on YouTube, support.google.com or accounts.google.com (And other google websites) It couldn't reach ip address. Later I realised that google.com was unlocked but it was the Indonesia version. After trying some other forums I got recommended malware bytes which showed and "quarantined" files, then I deleted them but nothing happened to google chrome, I still got redirected to yahoo every time I searched on it and google was still in Indonesian google. I cant log in and cant go on YouTube or google support. I am using Microsoft edge but I don't think I can last any longer. Please help Btw yes I have tried re installing chrome. If possible, I want to avoid resetting the computer as I have many games and files I spent some time on.
  8. I have a short video (mp4 file) I would like to set it as my screensaver How do I do it? Here is the link for the video if that helps: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IzsLOvLZeZc Ps: I don't want to pay for any software
  9. I have a motherboard with integrated graphics (intel hd). How can i upgrade it?
  10. I have a hp slimline and it is under my desk, I am tired of reaching down to power it on. Does a power button that can be plugged in to a usb port exist?
  11. I recently bought a hp slimline and it did not come with usb 3.0 ports but 4 usb 2.0 ports i would like to replace one or two of them into usb 3.0. Can i do this and how?