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  1. first off. Im not a fanboy. I just want fair honest videos. ive always tried to bring to light the shady nature this channel has. its basically an advertiser platform. and Linus is an influencer. but what he doesnt realize. that for the 1 free tv. or 1 free cpu and free hotel rooms. he is the cheapest platform to advertise on. any company that would have to pay mainstream prices for the connection to the 8 million subs would be MILLIONS PER WEEK. Linus is being used. Maingear confirmed Yvonne was the PURCHASER not the builder. what I dont like is the film telling me Janice bought it. but then Yvonne's name on the invoice. especially with credit cards and Janice not being the authorized account holder etc. so how was she allowed to pay for it. Maingear must have asked for the cardholders name this is still shady in my OP Linus needs to stop with the covert advertising like this. he needs to be open with what his channel is. he needs to return every product he reviews. he needs to disclose when he gets a free hotel, free limo ride. a free meal because the way I see it SHADY ASF
  2. maingear got back to me on twitter So the builder WAS NOT names Yvonne
  3. If I saw a computer order for Yvonne SEBASTIAN IN CANADIA . Id know exactly who that would be going to! Thats why Janice was doing the ordering. to stop preferred treatment
  4. so lets go through this. video 1. are pc manufacturers ripping you off. LTT must stay out of it because he didnt want any special treatment. So sent :Janice" From accounting. to buy them. And that is what is shown on the video. today I am watching Part 2. Where they open them. now they open the maingear PC and it has Enjoy Yvonne and not Janice. So does this mean Yvonne ordered them? and they knew Linus was buying these? Cause this points to maingear having insider knowledge. or this was setup by Maingear to do this whole series. Because Janice bought this This is probably the shadyest thing ive seen on LTT. and I have been pretty harsh on LTT in regards to being an influencer with little to know disclosure (that has since changed now more ppl have spoken up about it. But Linus needs to explain this. Why is Yvonne's name on this. and not Janice's ?