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  1. Austin.j.porterfield

    Sas card of confusion

    So I bought a 30 dollar server. And it has a SAS card installed. But I'm not sure what this cable is for. I ran through the forums but if its there I didn't catch it.
  2. Austin.j.porterfield

    Keyboard and mouse dont work in bios!!

    I'm having the same issue on my new bios. I just updated to a UEFI bios for the Rx 580 I just bought. But I need to set up some new drives and can't use the bios now. Actually I haven't really even seen the bios and what the settings are since the switch.
  3. Austin.j.porterfield

    New RX 580 not booting

    I really wanted to give AMD a shot. So can we get some help around here?
  4. Austin.j.porterfield

    New RX 580 not booting

    I'm having the same issue as well. Brand new RX 580 i5 3550 Corsair CX750M (that I bought hoping I would solve it that way) 10 gb of RAM. Toshiba 240 GB SSD boot drive 2x 560 5400 rmp Toshiba HDD in raid 0 (currently disabled and not installed while trouble shooting )