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  1. Fixed it, I fixed it by accident while setting up my elgato lmao, you gotta activate both SLI cards in Nivida pannel, never had to do that before.
  2. Hi, so I don't know if I am in the right section since this kinda deals with my monitor/graphics. So I reset my pc recently and I use to be able to hook my other monitor HDMI cable to my other Graphics card (GTX 1080TI) After I reset I noticed when I plugged it in it would say HDMI NO SIGNAL. This wasn't really a problem for me till now, and fixes?
  3. RicEcho

    My Second Monitor Won't work with my main monitor

    I didn't fully reset it, so it still had them install but I just double checked they are installed.
  4. So I just reset my pc and when I loaded it up my second monitor wasn't working. I can tell you it works because when I unplug my main monitor it works. They are both HDMI and I made sure both of them are on the HDMI Signal thing...
  5. Hi, thank you for your help but my friend helped me better. No offense he is cooler he just said he was. No but in all seriousness thank you but I am streaming off my gpu now, and I am getting more fps. Thank you for your time.
  6. I play on mostly low, except for one medium setting since it give the best for visuals through smoks, and flames.
  7. I will probably upgrade in the future so thank you for that information but in the past, I was able to stream perfectly fine without a problem, this still doesn't explain why I am having trouble now.
  8. Oh, I accidentally deleted that off, I have GTX 1080TI x2 - CPU: I7 7700k - Ram 64 GB
  9. Oh, I accidentally deleted that off, I have GTX 1080TI x2 - CPU: I7 7700k - Ram 64 GB
  10. So, I've started streaming again on Twitch. I usually get around 250 - 300 fps since, but when I stream I still get around the same fps. It just feels really choppy, and I can't stream while playing. It's just CSGO that does this. I have a high-end pc, so Ik I can stream and run games easily. Software used: OBS (64 bit) CSGO (Low Graphics) OBS Settings:
  11. RicEcho

    Got 1 gig internet but getting 400mbs

    I use Speedtest.net
  12. RicEcho

    Got 1 gig internet but getting 400mbs

    When I said I tried I am talking about I tested my speeds. I know that I won't be able to get the full 1 gig but I think it's stupid that I am losing a whole 600 mbs.
  13. Hi, so I got my 1-gigabyte internet, but when I tried it I was only getting 400mbs. I waited a couple of days, to see if it would increase but it only increased by 5 or 10. I even made sure my ethernet cable is supported of 1 gig.