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  1. So i've been looking at stands like this https://www.amazon.co.uk/suptek-Monitor-Bracket-Adjustable-Rotation/dp/B01LPVM36Q/ref=sr_1_6?s=computers&ie=UTF8&qid=1551876559&sr=1-6&keywords=6+monitor+stand. Ahh you have raised an intriguing question. I quite frequently run out of usable space on my triple monitor setup as it is at the moment. This is in part to running 2 VM's that are talking to each other and being configured/monitored simultaneously - Probs should mention i'm a Computer Networks Student I also tend to do a lot of web browsing whilst also using the VM's and need to have multiple tabs/browser open at once when getting info, also its nice to have a video open in the background to keep you entertained Im currently configuring home servers as well and setup monitoring around the house for all the computers and network as well as information from my siblings houses in the area. sometimes I need to copy code from certain sites and whilst doing that check i have the correct index identifiers for metric pulling - this needs another tab. The PC i use is very adequate and can handle this load i7-8700k 64GB - RAM GTX-1080 Numerous storage drives etc 10 Gig NIC 3 1G LAN ports Future endeavours will also lead me down the track of setting up my own router in a VM on my home sever, however before i can get it running functionally, i need to get it tested and that will be on my main RIG. The choice you gave above is pretty good as the arms are solid so I'll have little flex, however i will need to move monitors at times and tilt them 90' when coding etc. Thanks for the reply though
  2. Hi, I currently run 2 setups, one with 3 monitors and one with 2 monitors. Once i have finished my university studies and travelling I'll be looking to sell the not as good system. However i want to keep the monitors and run them, is there a stand than can support 2 27 inch monitors and 3 24 inch monitors? Any feedback, suggestions or recommendations are very welcome. Thanks
  3. Apologies over the delay for my response, I'll be looking to run about 6 fully fledged windows 10 OS's from the home server. As well as allow it to maintain its functionality as a home media server for files and plex. The server is to run plex and files 24/7/365, however i only ever expect there to be max of 5 OS VM's running at once alongside this. Never all 6. I've got a separate server that is taking backups of my main one in case of failure, however i do not expect the backup server to be a failover box at the minute. I'll look to exchange my A12 for the 8350 and move forward with getting a threadripper down the line. Thanks
  4. So, I am currently running a FREENAS server on an AMD A12 9800 (I know, i was drunk when i ordered it as opposed to ryzen). What i am asking is though i have a system running an AMD FX-8350. Looking into performance increases, there's not much in them apart from the core count and Interfered Graphics. It's been working fine, however i want to run a couple of VM's and a few jails, would i be better swapping out the AMD A12 with the FX-8350? Or is it worth sticking with the A12 for now and look at buying into threadripper 6 months down the line?
  5. Correct, would prefer hot swap, but a nicely laid out case with the support for a minimum of 8 drives will do. I've got some parts already and would spec out the rest
  6. I'll be looking on utilising all 8 bays with 10TB HDD's, If i had 12 bays, I'd be filling them all up. I've got a rack at home that i Utilise already, which has a 7U height spare. Currently got other stuff mounted in their, this is way to condense what i currently have now as well as be able to expand it out in future. Just ideally looking for a case recommendation that fits the above - still looking around now, but a lot of case aren't hot swapable drive enclosures.
  7. Hey all, I've currently got a NAS at home that is being used for a lot of things, currently has 16TB of data in it on 4 HDD's, I'll be looking at expanding this, i want to move away from the average PC case and use a rack-mount case. I'll be looking at getting it on rails at some point, any suggestions on what to get. Requirements are that it needs support for redundant power; It needs to be able to hold a minimum of 8 3.5" HDD's, preferably 12; support MATX motherboards, be able to house PCIE cards for a 10GB NIC. All suggestions welcome, Price range is £150-175, 190-225 USD, 255-295 Can, 165-200 Euro for the case.