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  1. Aaron_nad

    Server case recommendations

    Correct, would prefer hot swap, but a nicely laid out case with the support for a minimum of 8 drives will do. I've got some parts already and would spec out the rest
  2. Aaron_nad

    Server case recommendations

    I'll be looking on utilising all 8 bays with 10TB HDD's, If i had 12 bays, I'd be filling them all up. I've got a rack at home that i Utilise already, which has a 7U height spare. Currently got other stuff mounted in their, this is way to condense what i currently have now as well as be able to expand it out in future. Just ideally looking for a case recommendation that fits the above - still looking around now, but a lot of case aren't hot swapable drive enclosures.
  3. Aaron_nad

    Server case recommendations

    Hey all, I've currently got a NAS at home that is being used for a lot of things, currently has 16TB of data in it on 4 HDD's, I'll be looking at expanding this, i want to move away from the average PC case and use a rack-mount case. I'll be looking at getting it on rails at some point, any suggestions on what to get. Requirements are that it needs support for redundant power; It needs to be able to hold a minimum of 8 3.5" HDD's, preferably 12; support MATX motherboards, be able to house PCIE cards for a 10GB NIC. All suggestions welcome, Price range is £150-175, 190-225 USD, 255-295 Can, 165-200 Euro for the case.