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  1. XeNon4

    144hz 1ms TN vs 144hz 4ms VA

    I want to buy an new monitor, i have 2 choices: -1ms 144hz TN -4ms 144hz VA I want to know: -is there any difference between 1ms and 4ms at 144hz -When it comes to the colors and quality, wich is better VA or TN and how is VA compared to IPS .
  2. XeNon4

    Is 23,8" enough for 1440p?

    So, should I go for the 25" 1080p 240hz one?
  3. XeNon4

    Is 23,8" enough for 1440p?

    Is any difference between 144hz and 240hz or between 1080p or 1440p?
  4. XeNon4

    Is 23,8" enough for 1440p?

    First of all I want to know If is any difference between 23,8" and 24" and second If 23,8" is enough for 1440p 144hz or If I should go for 1080p 240hz 25". I play competitive games but as well I play AAA games .
  5. Seasonic Focus+, 80+ Gold, 650W, is it good?
  6. I want to know If this PSU is qualitative: Deepcool DQ750 ST, 80+ Gold 750W and If it fits into the Zalman ZM-T3 Micro ATX Case Mini Tower
  7. XeNon4

    GTX 1060 6GB 500W

    But after You changed Your PSU You don't need any change in the BIOS?, Right?
  8. XeNon4

    GTX 1060 6GB 500W

    After upgrading to an 1060 I will start saving for an PSU, but i want to know, it's hard to change an PSU?
  9. XeNon4

    GTX 1060 6GB 500W

    Rx 580 it is cheaper, but I don't think that my PSU can Handle an 185W GPU
  10. So, I want to replace my 1050 Ti with an 1060 6GB but I'm not sure about my PSU, my config: -Ryzen 5 2600 3.9Ghz -16GB RAM DDR4 3000Mhz(2x8) -Gigabyte B450M DS3H -Zalman ZM-T3 Case -1 2K Monitor and another 1080P one -DVD Writter LiteOn -FSP Hexa Plus 500W 80+ -1TB WD Blue Sata 3 7200RPM 64MB -Samsung Eco 970 250GB M.2 NVMe SSD
  11. Ok, so, this is my config : -Ryzen 5 2600(not OC) -16GB RAM DDR4 3000Mhz(2x8) -M.2 NVMe SSD 250GB -1TB HDD 7200RPM WD Sata 3 64MB -FSP Hexa Plus 500W 80+ -Gigabyte B450M DS3H Motherboard -Zalman ZM-T3 -DVD-Writter IHAS122-14 Bulk I know about my low quality PSU but I want to know If an GTX 970 OC/Normal Edition 4GB would work on my config, If my PSU can sustain it, from what I know, It should be able to sustain even an GTX 1070 but I'm not sure, and also If it fits into my case.
  12. XeNon4

    GTX 1070 8GB 500W enough ?

    Ok, but, let's say If it is to fail, my psu has this protections: OCP, OVP, SCP, If the PSU fails then can this protections guarantee that it will not damage the rest of the components?
  13. XeNon4

    GTX 1070 8GB 500W enough ?

    Ok, I don't have enough money to replace my PSU, so , should I buy the 1070 , It is safe? I don't want my PSU to fail.
  14. So, I want to know If this config can be powered up by my PSU: -FSP Hexa Plus 500W, 80+ ,80% efficiency -16GB RAM DDR4 3000Mhz CL16(2x8) -AMD Ryzen 5 2600(not planning to overcloack) -Gigabyte B450M DS3H -Zalman ZM-T3 Case -DWD Writter LiteOn IHAS122-14 Bulk -1TB HDD 7200RPM WD Blue 64mb -250GB M.2 SSD NVMe -GTX 1070 8GB(not planning to overcloack) -1 2K IPS 60Hz monitor and another 144Hz 1080P TN monitor Is my PSU strong enough for this configuration? I'm not planning to overcloack anything.