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  1. Is this sound coming from my asus gl504gm gaming laptop normal ? Or should i send it back?
  2. This is my laptop not a monitor full video on youtube i didnt know how to post to forum im noob
  3. This is my asus rog strix hero 2 gl504gm laptop all stock hardware. Uploading now gl504gm asus laptop 8750h gtx1060 16bg ram m.2ssd and hhd seems to be xoming from fan or cpu gpu area
  4. 20190102_120956_1.mp4 Is this normal should i send it back ??!! The sound is pretty loud sometimes coming from something inside
  5. Im a newb when it comes to these tyoes of things i read that the samsung tool is failproof but if i do it the other way there are some technical steps im not familiar with. Could you help with that ?
  6. From an online video this is what is in there from what i can tell i have not opened my unit yet so i do not know for sure. I figured they would work but now im afraid to void my warranty. If i were to use these drives how do i mirror an m.2 on a laptop with only 1 m.2 slot i was going to install the 860 first and mirror the existing drive over to it with samsungs tool and then install the 970 and do the same then format the 860 is there a better way if i do decide to try and use them
  7. Why would asus tell me this ? I wanted to be sure so i asked and they flat out told me the evo drive was not compatible which confused me ... lol now im scared to open them
  8. So i ordered these and they got to me faster than an email from the manufacturer. I have an asus GL504GM-DS74 and i wanted to put these in there but asus told me that the evo drive was nkt compatible.. the computer comes equipped with a 256gb toshiba m.2 nvme and a 5400 rpm harddrive.. is there any reason these drives would not work ... should i just send them back
  9. Im looking to upgrade my laptop storage. I currently have a toshiba 250gb m.2 nvme for the boot and a standard 5400 rpm hdd 1tb for extra storage from factory. I was looking at a samsung 970 pro 500gb m.2 nvme. And a firecuda 2tb. Are these good choices? Whats the benefit of the 970 pro over the 970 evo? Should i just go with a sata ssd for extra storage ? Would changing to a 970 pro and a samsung 860 require more power than the existing hardware as im limited by a laptop power brick? Also would this cause system to run hotter? I have heard ssd run hot
  10. Hey guys! I wanna upgrade the storage in my laptop. Im currently running a factory GL504GM-DS74 from asus. The m.2 nvme is a toshiba 250 tb or somewhere around that and the hdd is a 1tb 5400 rpm. Thinking about going to a 512gb Samsung 970 pro. And a 2tb firecuda. Would these be good choices and how do i find out if they are equivalent with my machine? More so the ssd im fairly unfamiliar with them . Do they all have the same power consumption i do not want to upgrade and not be able to use parts duebto power brick limitations. Sorry if these are dumb questions im lost on recent tech.!
  11. Thanks for the input ! Good read and gets me more so on the move than i was before. I also want to upgrade the storage in my laptop it currently has an m.2 nvme ssd by toshiba and a unknown 5400 hdd i was thinking about going to a 970 pro 512 gb ssd and a firecuda 2tb. Does this sound like a good idea ? Also do all storages of the same type always have the same power useage ?
  12. Reccomend parts list just trying to get suggestions on things to go for.
  13. Hey guys! Just looking for suggestions for my 9900K build. Ive been out of the game for a while and tech is constantly evolving so im ssdly behind on times. I do not know brands to stay away from or to go for.