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  1. Ok, I think I have found the solution but I'm not 100% on it. I have found out that this speaker doesn't like using it's onboard microphone and it's speaker at the same time. I disabled the microphone in sound card settings and everything seems to work fine. Just doing a few more tests on it to make sure. Thanks for you guys' help!
  2. So I went into the settings for ableton, these arw the only two options it gives me. Edit: so, my headphones work with ableton, on all the same settings just changing the output device, they work fine. Leaving the only question as to why my speaker doesn't work (even though they are both called headphones in the settings).
  3. The speaker in question can't support ASIO.
  4. What settings in ableton would be best to change? Edit: changing the setting in windows sound device settings didn't change anything even after a restart, thanks for the help though.
  5. Btw, if you want any further details of the problem, just say, I will be happy to explain in more detail.
  6. Yeah, I have tried that also, from that to DX. I have also noticed it happens with programs such as discord as well.
  7. So, I recently invested some money into a new speaker and midi keyboard. This said speaker was the sony xb-10, the keyboard came with a free copy of ableton live lite. After installing ableton I realised that it would block all sound coming from my pc from going to my speaker including abletons. The only eay i can make the setup work is by using an aux cable but the one I have is too small. I have tried updating all drivers, on the most recent version of windows, any advice?
  8. Ok thanks for the heads up!
  9. Ok, thanks for the reply. Since I originally posted this here, I toyed with the idea of getting a new ps3 and just transplant the hard-drive, this reply has now made that decision. Again thanks for the reply.
  10. Hey there! I have a problem that is that when i insert a disc into my ps3, it will not spin up. The disc will spin round a couple times, re-seat but it will not properly try and read the disk. I have tried with about four disks and all have the same issue. (I am unable to attatch a video due to mw only being able to upload file no bigger than 20mb and imgur doesn't support my phones recording type).