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  1. Anyone know the general amount of amps a fan header can take? Like if I were to put 3 fans (2 of them are 0.42A and one is 0.18A) into my CHA1 fan header. Would it run properly? Also if you put in more fans than the header can take. Can it damage the mobo or the fan?
  2. DazzaBear

    LED on RGB fans turns on but doesnt spin?

    So one of the RBG fans isn't working... I've run some tests with it and it's recieving the voltage through the 3 pin connector but isn't spinning? Any ideas why it won't spin or a way to fix this issue?
  3. DazzaBear

    LED on RGB fans turns on but doesnt spin?

    It doesn't spin.
  4. CPU: i7 8700k

    CPU Cooler: Corsair Hydro Series H60 V2 120mm

    RAM: Corsair Vengeance Pro RGB 2x8GB

    GPU: Gigabyte RTX 2070 wind force 8GB



    WD Blue 2TB

    PSU: Corsair CX750M 750W Pqr Supply

    CASE: H500M RGB 

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  5. DazzaBear

    LED on RGB fans turns on but doesnt spin?

    How so? It's been fine for over 2 weeks now and no sign of dmg to anywhere on the mobo? (c) fan decide to quit working together suddenly lol...
  6. DazzaBear

    LED on RGB fans turns on but doesnt spin?

    It's definitely supplying enough power. RGB fans both still light up. Also if that were the case how would (a) and (b) work fine and spin but (a) and (c) won't? But then how would it short the other two fans? All this time before this incident, all 3 case fans worked normally and now it screws up? Any idea on how to fix that or how it even shorts the other two?
  7. So my case atm is the H500M. I'm using the stock fan and the 2 RGB fans that it came with. My mobo is an asus prime z390p. I'm currently using CHA1 as my fan connection. The problem here is the connection of all 3 case fans... I'll list the fans in code to show a representation of what's my issue. (a) - Stock fan (b) - RBG fan 1 (c) - RGB fan 2 When I connect (a) and (b) the fans spin. When (c) is connected into those. They all stop spinning... So I tried to connect them one by one. Both (a) and (b) worked normally which then left (c) as the cause in why the fans would stop spinning. - Connections - (a) by itself works. (b) by itself works. (c) by itself doesn't spin. (a) and (b) both spin. (a) and (c) doesn't spin. (b) and (c) doesn't spin. (a), (b) and (c) doesn't spin. But I am confused as to why it is the cause. My build is relatively new and all the fans have been working fine. Only the 3 case fans have started to malfunction.... I've tried the following: 1. Checked the BIOs - Changed the settings g of my fans from PWM to auto since I'm using 3pin connectors. - Changed the fan connection from CHA1 to CHA2.
  8. DazzaBear

    LED on RGB fans turns on but doesnt spin?

    Just checked my BIOs and it shows N/A readings on CHA1 and CHA2 fans?
  9. It just stopped working recently and it hasn't been a month since I've been using my new PC. The motherboard I use is ASUS PRIME z390-p. I've connected the fans to my CHA1 slot which is a 4 pin adapter but the fans only use 3. I've tried changing the connection to CHA2 still nothing. The 2 RGB fans on the front still light up but won't spin. The third stock fan won't spin at all. My CPU cooler fan does, but how come the others dont? Everything has been working normally up until recently the fans won't spin anymore. Can anyone give me a reason as to why?
  10. So just leave the power supply on? I always turn it off so I can save electricity. My PC currently is brand new and consists of: Asus prime z390p i7 8700k Corsair H60 M.2 SATA SSD 480GB WD Blue 2TB Corsair vengeance RGB pro 16GB RAM Corsair CX750M pwr supply Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2070 wind force 8GB
  11. When I go on to my pc I always do as the following : 1. Turn on power supply to pc 2. Press the start button on pc 3. Boots up, shuts down then boots fine afterwards. Problem always occurs only when you turn off the power supply then turn on. My PC runs fine but just the start up is annoying