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  1. i used WSRESET.exe for the store, ive gone through command lines on Shell and whatnot, no luck there
  2. ive been trying to reset my laptop for about 5 hours this afternoon, until suddenly an error pops up, saying that it could not reset and there were NO changes made whatsoever. the screen was blue, much like that of the advanced options screen, and a very brief summary of what happened. there was no error code, no problem specification and no working solution. ive removed software manually, using third party software to make sure there were no residue files, but again, to no prevail, it kept coming up with the same issue. i hope someone here has some fancy way to fix this, as ive been unable to install ANYTHING from microsoft store (dolby access mainly for my RIG 500). even the sign in screen was coming up with an error stating i was not connected to any internet, even though i was at the time, watching youtube, browsing my primary webpage and listening to music. again, no solution worked for that too, and that is what lead em to this. please please please please help my worthless ass and at least give me command lines for CMD or something that could help me out here
  3. oof, youre fast at picking parts but thank you so much. im rather pleased with the service on posts here :v
  4. Premier Pro, After Effects. also i do digital art and photoshop applications. again as i have stated before hand, its also going to go for my game project. ^w^
  5. not just gaming, im designing a game. cyberpunk shit, its going to be in dev for years definitly. but the pc is for that and also video production.
  6. FUUUUUUUUUUUU- i swear to god, ill be back, ill have to redraw the build because my browser deleted it, ill put an image of the build below this text for you until then. sorry about that!
  7. Thanks for advising, it=ve replaced the image with a clickable text line, i didnt really know how to do it until now- :3
  8. according the the site, yes. the motherboard however has a tradeoff for ssds, m.2 slot populated = 1 SATA 6.0Gb/s locked ive been working on this for a couple of months. but i am not too sure about my case or power source, its mostly just finding out what will fit in what. in terms of size in the case and whatnot. but its meant to be as upgradable as possible. i got the best i could for the lowest price in australia, for american dollar its about 30% less expensive. (AUD is 75% of USD value)
  9. this is the new build by yours truly, im sticking with the evo 970 m.2, as im merely indecisive. if you all have any ideas, cheap or just the tiniest bit more expensive (as this is meant to be budget for its power). see the clickable text below below for the build. //PCPARTPICKER BUILD//
  10. oh cool! ill stick with the ram though, games like arma 3 have fuckin HUUUUUGE ass optimization issues and im in a group called Australian Armed Forces, Australia's #1 military simulation group. they do intense scenarios. if youre in any way interested id check out their website (AAF) ill adjust my hardware configuration ASAP, thank you, L.
  11. im debating on upgradability, for me its pretty great, i mean, ive been using an Lenovo V310, 8GB DDR4 RAM, 2GB DDR3 R5 M430 and an i7 6500u (which isnt bad but not the best for my needs) laptop overheats and has 3D Rendering issues, texture Pop-Ins and whatnot on almost everything and GPU hopping. (keeps switching to intel graphics than radeon)
  12. since i live in australia and its not particularly great at the high end comsumer industry, CPU's that are i7 7700 are actually MORE expensive ($600+) on the cheapest end. amazon Aus, everywhere. and yeah, GPU is gonna be replaced probably but i mean, video production in FHD isnt going to be that much of a fuss, and same with playing video games. thank you for your information, if you have any more important comments please go to my email; SamDrawsArt@gmail.com -Samuel Ford
  13. i do production and i wanna be prepared for upgradability, again this IS a mega budget for what im actually trying to do. for now im labeling it Pr-HeX, a game. only just now im getting a job to support my computers build and increasing the stability. i understand it does seem quite far fetched in the RAM, and yes i know i have the cheapest fans and cooler in the world, but ill come back and forth until i find that its better. NVME, never really done alot with PC builds nor lookups on the differences. people left and right kept throwing opinions. "get an M.2" "use SATA" and yeah the b360, thats probably going to be replaced or even the CPU, i honestly am going by my knowledge on what i have seen and done. thank you so much for the information though, if youve got any more important comments, go to my email; SamDrawsArt@Gmail.com -samuel ford