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  1. Do you think a BOSE Lifestyle SA2 will do the trick? I simply got that with the speakers
  2. And which one do you recommend? I'd like to hear your opinion on that
  3. Can you explain that a little bit more detailed or in a video? This seems interesting to do
  4. Here's the thing: Somebody gave me some seriously old TELEFUNKEN TLX 3 Professional which use the old (before 1980) DIN 41529 standard and I have no idea where I can plug them in to use them. Is there any way how I can dongle around and plug them to a sound mixer or anything like that? (Btw, this is what the old standard looks like:)
  5. I don't think it works on this laptop. It's a SAMSUNG ATIV Book 2. A little bit old, but still running and it's pretty smooth for it's age. Besides, I've never over overclocked a CPU from BIOS, so how does that work?
  6. Here's the problem: I've downloaded and installed .Net Framework and even then the Fusiontweaker installer tells me to get .NET Framework. Is there any way to get it installed or is there any other possibility to overclock an AMD E2-2000 CPU? (I know it's an old CPU but it's important to me)
  7. I've been asking myself an interesting question and here it is: Is it possible to have two ISO-mounts on a DVD (DVD+R, double-layered, Verbatim) and to choose which one to install? I wanted to have a Windows 7 and 8.1 ISO on the same DVD and the choice, which on to install. Is that even possible?
  8. That video solved the question, thanks for your help!
  9. That video solved the question, thatnk for your help!
  10. And Windows 7 has to stay turned on or is there another possibility?
  11. Cheers! I wanted to ask if it is possible to move your Windows 7 to a new drive and boot from the new one without a new installation. Does that even work? And how?