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  1. Derva

    Is Your Gaming Rig Being Bottlenecked??

    Hey, i plan on building this. Does any of you see any problems with this? Caste: NZXT s340 Elite Colling: 2x corsair SP140 in the front to (hopefully) get a positive case pressure. But with the limited airflow of the s340 Elite AND the dust net we´ll see 1x the standard exhaust fan who was shipped with the case and 1x NZXT Kraken M.22 mounted as the top exhaust. CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 2600 (not sure wether or not i should pick the x model, or which mhz value) Motherboard: ASRock B450 Steel Legend RAM: G.Skill DIMM 16GB DDR4 2666 GPU: MSI GeForce RTX 2070 Gaming 8G (1620MHZ version, the 1830MHZ version apparently isnt worth it?) Please tell me your thoughts. My goal is to have a future proof rig that i can play top games on for the next 3-4 years for under 1500€.
  2. Derva

    Is Your Gaming Rig Being Bottlenecked??

    Thanks for the reply. Well the motherboard is a little cheaper, but without the OP the 3TB HDD is just a plain HDD. So id say thats worth the extra few bucks. Why did you choose a GTX 1080? Its way more expensive and pretty much the same as the GTX1070Ti. Or did i miss something? Regarding the case im gonna get a NZXT Source 340 in black. Got enough front usb ports and is solid metal so it will last quite a long time. Does the ADATA -XPG GAMMIX D10 have any advantages over other memory? Really have no clue what to pick there Im also not sure what cooling system i should get. The case supports several fans and got 2 included. But im not sure whether or not i should replace the ones that are included, how many fans i should add, watercooling or not etc. I think im gonna skip RGB fans cause they are just more expensive and im out for performance.
  3. Derva

    Is Your Gaming Rig Being Bottlenecked??

    Hi, lets see if you can and want to help me. My system is still in construction and i want to make sure its as close to perfect as it can be. My goal is to build a gaming pc thats right in the sweet spot using parts that were top notch a few months ago, but dropped in price significantly cause something newer was released. Im trying to always get the best performance per buck and also have a system thats future proof, so that i wont have to upgrade it in 2 years or less. But upgradability was also a concern, hence some of my decisions: Motherboard: Gigabyte Z370 AORUS Ultra Gaming WITH Optane Memory 200$ -> Reasoning: Its a motherboard with enough RAM slots to upgrade, hence future proof. Good enough sound chip so i wont need anything else, and the Optane memory can make my 1TB HDD into a semi SSD. 480 GB Kingstong SSD for 85$ -> for Windows and some core programms like steam 1 TB HDD 80$ GPU: Gigabyte GeForce GTX1070Ti for 550$ -> almost the same performance as the GTX 1080 but for much less money. Should be a great GPU for the years to come Processor: AMD Ryzen 7 2700x for 370$ -> ver good processor and with the number of cores it should be future proof, especially if more games are released that dont focus on single core performance but can use all the cores the amd ryzen 7 provides. Also its great value since the processor comes with a fan that even looks nice My goal was to get below 1300$, but as you can see im well above budget and havent even selected RAM yet. So my question is, do those parts work well together?, is something bottlenecked? can i replace some parts with cheaper alternatives without losing much if any performance? What RAM would you suggest? Id reckon at least 2 x 8GB? Kind regards Chris