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  1. thank you, just wanted to make sure before I bought the card. I know any item can have one come out bad but wanted make sure there weren't any issues over all with the series.
  2. I saw some videos that suggested there are crashing issues with the new RTX cards. Are they still having those issues and do they affect the RTX 2070 cards?
  3. The motherboard I'm looking is capable of mounting an M.2 SSD. My question is, the retaining screw for it, will that come with the motherboard or the SSD itself ? (I know major newb question but looking at my first build so will be asking for info on anything I'm not sure about and hope I'm not annoying in the process.)
  4. Looked more into it the fans on a 280 MM version on the corsair AIO, comes with fans that are the same model that I picked out already, the only difference is the ones I have now are the red LED models instead of the no LED they put in the box.
  5. ok, will look into that before I actually do any of the building. Still have a long way to go to get the rest of the parts.
  6. that will actually work good. I got upgraded case fans from the case manufacture so might be able use them on it instead of the stock fans. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01G5I6QH6/?coliid=I1RGG6ATZ2PUES&colid=3NVY06Q9FB3L6&psc=0&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it
  7. I'm using the Corsair Air 740 for the case. Am hoping to get one with a 240 MM Radiator. Am looking for no more than like $150 us for the cooler. Am buying parts one at a time as I get paid.
  8. What is a good AIO cooler that will work with a Intel LGA 1151 socket ?
  9. yeah, it will be. thank you all for input.
  10. Right, I just wanted to make sure before I spent $800 - $900 on a processor / motherboard set that it would be ok to get it, install it then it be ok if it takes me say a few months to get the rest of everything to go with it (graphics cards, etc). At this point I was thinking it would be no different than it sitting in a warehouse but as a new person wanted to ask what may be a silly question and know for sure.
  11. Thank you, that may have sounded silly to ask but I didn't want to just assume.
  12. I have some general knowledge and am attempting my first custom build. My question is, unfortunately as much as I would like to get everything at once I have to buy one part at a time and will likely take me some time to get everything together. Will it hurt any of the major components (IE Motherboard and processor) if I have to get them and install over time as I get other parts to go with them?