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  1. Looking at the pictures, I presume the 360 would go at the top with the 240 at the front? also, I was looking at the nzxt h710i, but I’m unsure if it would fit. I’m using all hydro x components, but the conflict comes from my Aorus 2080ti XTREME
  2. Hi folks I recently bought the Corsair hydro X lineup for water cooling, but in the process I didn’t consider dimensions. The components fit snuggly, and if it wasn’t for my graphics card, it would be fine. I currently have a Corsair 570X case, which is sadly too small to accommodate the loop. I would appreciate any suggestions for a new case. What it must have: - tempered glass side panel - PSU shroud/hidden PSU - support for both a 360mm rad and a 240mm - 2 hard drive bays - space for 1 commander pro and supporting modules Thanks, Flinty
  3. Hi folks I'm interested in undertaking the project of personally sleeving power supply cables for my PC and need some advice. First off, does anyone know any good sites to find most of the stuff if I'm in the UK? Seen a few websites like Mainframe Customs but I'm unsure how much shipping to the UK would cost. Secondly, what terminals will I need? Seeing as I'm doing exclusively full cables rather than extensions, will I just need female terminals? And lastly, does anyone know of a decent crimping tool for a good price? Also, before people say, "why not just buy the cables pre-sleeved", I want the challenge of doing it myself. Thanks for any help! Cheers, Flinty
  4. I actually have a similar issue. Sometimes it's a case of displaying the wrong hue. It's like the scroll wheel and razer logo are out of sync with the side keys
  5. Fantastic, thank you very much chaps.
  6. I was actually looking at the Aorus monitor you mentioned, and it seems like it is a solid deal for what you get. Does anyone here have any first hand experience with it?
  7. Hiya folks. Looking to upgrade my monitor. A few things I'm looking for are: - 27 Inch - IPS (need decent/good colour accuracy) - G-SYNC/Freesync (I'm running a 2080ti) - 1440p - 140+ Hz refresh rate. Any suggestions? Thanks
  8. In your opinion, should I wait for 10th gen intel rather than upgrade now?
  9. Hmm. Okay, perhaps I should have asked is if the Z390 chipset is likely to be made obsolete with the release of a new intel generation?
  10. What are your thoughts on perhaps switching sides entirely and changing to perhaps, a decent spec Ryzen/Threadripper build? For example the Ryzen 3900X
  11. Hey everyone. I'm looking at maybe upgrading my PC, mostly for the extra performance. Now to start, I want to say, I do have a powerful PC (i7-8700K, generic Z370 TUF Gaming from ASUS), but I'm looking at doing an upgrade so my gaming performance will be peak performance for the next several years. My graphics card isn't an issue, I upgraded to the 2080ti recently. So, what I'm considering is the following: Upgrade to a Z390 Motherboard, keep my 8700k and upgrade my RAM, or upgrade to the 9900K at the same time. Before you say it, I'm aware the performance increase won't be huge, as the 8700k is no slouch, I just want to know if the 9900k might become obsolete in the near future. The reason for the upgrades in general is to try and improve the aesthetics of my build, as well as increase performance in gaming, video editing etc etc. Any advice is appreciated!
  12. Flinty

    Corsair 570X

    I'm considering bumping up the number of fans in my build. Currently the 3 RGB fans aren't really doing the job on the 360mm rad so I may try to add another 3 static pressure fans on the other side of the rad as well to see if I can negate the poor airflow
  13. Flinty

    Corsair 570X

    Absolutely, the 570X is a case you have to see in person to appreciate it... I run it with 5 Corsair LL120 fans and my god it's gorgeous