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  1. Flinty

    Corsair 570X

    I'm considering bumping up the number of fans in my build. Currently the 3 RGB fans aren't really doing the job on the 360mm rad so I may try to add another 3 static pressure fans on the other side of the rad as well to see if I can negate the poor airflow
  2. Flinty

    Corsair 570X

    Absolutely, the 570X is a case you have to see in person to appreciate it... I run it with 5 Corsair LL120 fans and my god it's gorgeous
  3. Flinty

    Corsair 570X

    So a couple of months ago, I treated myself to a rig upgrade. New PSU, water cooling, NVME etc etc. Among that, I decided to scale down to a 570X from my 750D and I wanted to share my thoughts for anyone considering it. The first thing I have to say is manage your expectations. If you go to youtube, you're going to see high quality glam footage of it, and admittedly it looks STUNNING when you put some love into it (and the post editing). For the average joe, building a PC in this thing could be "challenging." I spent too much time cursing at cable management and dirty glass, so keep those in mind. Without further hesitation, I'm going to cover some critical points. The cable management cover... Well, to say I have a love hate relationship with it is an understatement. Like a good friend, it shields you from the horrific part of your PC... The cables... But my good god is it difficult to work with... In my build, I'm running 2x 6 pin PSU cables, 1x 24 Pin, 2x Sata power, 2x Sata data, USB 3, HD Audio, Top Panel buttons and 11 cooling orientated cables (6 fan headers, 5 corsair RGB headers). So to say it's a tight squeeze in there is a huge understatement. For your first time working with this case, you'll possibly struggle like I did. The Hard Drive mounting brackets are cool, I like them a bunch actually. They're in a convenient location, they are easy to reach. HOWEVER, I don't know what psychopath at Corsair decided that the green PCB should be on display.. It is the biggest eyesore of this case... I fiddled around, trying to fit the drives in the other way round, but it's not happening sadly. If you're using Sata SSDs though, you'll be fine! For my build I decided to water cool for the first time and like a lot of people, I gravitated towards the EK Fluid Gaming A360G all in one kit. As a result of the compactness of the case, you're gonna have to improve with the mounting holes at the bottom of the case for your res/pump. I ended up using an assortment of screws and such to try and get it sitting without causing noise. But it can be done. There's not much else to say about this case, it is beautiful like you see in the youtube videos, but a tip for anyone building in this for the first time... Come equipped with lots of patience... Stick with it... The end result can be beautiful!
  4. Flinty

    $800 or less gaming laptop

    If you're in the UK, I recommend looking at PC Specialist (https://www.pcspecialist.co.uk/laptops/). I purchased a rather high end system from them a few months back and I recommend them. I went with the 15.6 inch Vyper with an i7-8750H, 12Gb RAM, GTX1060 etc etc. Only thing I would say about the machine I got, the screen was less than satisfactory for my uses, but I can't comment on other models. All in all, very good product. Plus their customisation will allow you to tailor to your budget.
  5. Flinty

    Gaming screenshots

    Back at it with my moody screenshots...
  6. Flinty

    New SSD, help required

    Thanks for the tip, I'll be sure to do that. Thanks again guys
  7. Flinty

    New SSD, help required

    Alright, and just to be extra sure, my extra drives with all the gucci stuff on it will live??
  8. Flinty

    New SSD, help required

    So let me get this straight, I'll install the new M.2, boot normally, clone my sata ssd to the M.2, power off, unplug my Sata SSD, boot and enter BIOS, select my M.2 as the boot drive and then boot? Should that work?
  9. Flinty

    New SSD, help required

    So if I clone it over, then unplug my ssd the computer should just boot? That doesn't sound right
  10. Flinty

    New SSD, help required

    Hi everyone. I recently purchased myself an NVME M.2 to replace my ageing Sata SSD. Currently I have my SSD as my boot drive, but I'm looking to make my M.2 the new boot. I also have two HDDs for the majority of my stuff. I am wondering how would I go about making the m.2 the new boot drive without having to reinstall windows and back up all my crap. Running windows 10 OS Cheers
  11. Flinty

    Pump Mounting

    Alright, thanks very much for the advice, I'll give it a go in a few days when everything has arrived. Cheers gents!
  12. Flinty

    Pump Mounting

    Is there a higher res version of that? having a look at the spot where it's mounted, it doesn't look overly friendly From a friends build - That is where the pump is mounted in the picture you posted
  13. Flinty

    Pump Mounting

    Hi everyone, I'm currently planning my first water cooling build and I've got pretty much everything I need to get the job done now, however I have one burning question.. I'm going to be building inside the Corsair 570X, but I don't know where I'm going to be mounting my pump/res combo (found here: https://www.ekfluidgaming.com/ek-kit-a360g). Can any of the more experienced water coolers help me out with this? The 570X doesn't look like it has a fan mounting area at the bottom of the case, so I'm at a loss right now. What do I do? Cheers guys, Flinty
  14. So you mention about TV and stuff, agreed you can drop frames quite a lot because on larger screens you're less likely to notice that frame drop because of the larger image. However you are talking about a youtube production and if it's a game orientated video, it's more likely to be watched on smaller screens, so I recommend keeping the FPS higher than what you would do for TV. I would recommend using the 2070 for rendering the footage in game, with the 980ti for capture, if you can perhaps overclock it to prevent bottlenecking, you should be set. Your geforce settings can vary being honest. I personally keep it capped at 60fps, it's pretty much all you need for most things. The general rule for this stuff is max settings without compromising frames is what you want!
  15. This a pretty big issue that a lot of people don't get and can get rather infuriated over, I know I sure did back when I built my first system. Vsync is what limits your in game FPS to the refresh rate of your monitor. Now, in practice having a high end system running with vsync turned on sounds ideal right? No screen tearing and smooth gameplay. HOWEVER, as we all now, even the best systems encounter lag spikes, nothing can be done for most systems, it's just the way it is. So when you've got this big fancy graphics card and cpu, and you play on a low refresh rate monitor with vsync enabled, you will get lag spikes time to time and they will be so much more noticeable. One way of fixing this (as mentioned before) is AMD FreeSync or Nvidia G-SYNC. How this works is pretty simple, the monitor's refresh rate will constantly adapt to whatever your graphics card can put out. I'll use my system as an example to explain. I have a GTX 1080Ti Armor OC from MSI, with a 27" Acer Predator 240Hz monitor. When I play games such as Arma 3 or the likes of Forza Horizon 4, I'm never hitting 240 FPS, it's seemingly impossible when running on max settings. So when you're running at whatever FPS, let's say 80, my monitor's refresh rate will match that, meaning I get a smooth picture, with no screen tearing. This holds true all the way down to 30FPS. Now another thing to note is the inevitable lag spikes I mentioned. When you're running at a higher refresh rate and fps, these performance drops are much less noticeable, especially on higher spec systems such as mine. Hopefully that's explained it a little bit for you. So in reality, there's very little you can do for now, unless you whack down your settings to stop any lag spikes OR you can deal with the screen tearing. As you're running an AMD card, I recommend looking for a FreeSync monitor, they're relatively inexpensive compared to G-SYNC panels and will give you the adaptive refresh rate I mentioned