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  1. The stick is supported in Windows 10, my old rig would run no issue. the USB ports work, other devices register no issues. i think I'll need to get an Ethernet cable and run it across the room to the port, it's the only way I can think of to get a connection.
  2. I finished assembling my new build last night, powered up, got windows loaded in, and went to plug my old usb adaptor in... and nothing. The computer doesn't seem to recognize it at all. Network connections is trying to get me to plug in a LAN cable, any ideas what to do?
  3. Well, that makes it easy to pass on the Seasonic. I had also been looking at Rosewill Capstone/Photon units, but ive seen some.. concerning reviews for them at 650W. The Bitfenix looks decent, but its running around $90 right now.
  4. My build is Ryzen 5 2600, 16GB 3000mhz RAM, B450 Tomahawk/Pro Carbon (depends if i can get the open box before it gets sold), 500GB M.2 SSD, Sapphire Vega 56 Pulse
  5. Im looking between these two units right now, Both as 650W, Both of them are on sale, bringing them down to around $62-$72. The Seasonic is the larger discount right now, but its via a MIR, the EVGA is all upfront discount, but slightly more expensive. Which of the two would you recommend?
  6. As im looking for RAM for my build, im currious. I've always heard of G. Skill, or Corsair, But these other companies, GeIL, Team T Force, Ballistix, Are they worth looking at themselves? Are the $80 16GB 3000 kits worth their price over the more expensive $120 kits? Why is it so difficult to ignore wanting RGB...
  7. So im in the process of working on a new build, i have most of my components decided on now, but the one that keeps giving me fits is figuring out what PSU to go towards. I've narrowed down to the point of going for a 650W unit, i dont think that i'll need anything more powerful then that, while at the same time, it gives me some overhead on my 2600 and Vega 56 to draw on. Now what im having the most problems with is deciding what unit to actually go with. Im trying to keep myself around the $60-$70 range. I've seen afew Rosewill Capstone and Photon units on Newegg that are either on sale, or openbox at this point. By the PSU tier list, these are both listed as B tier.. but then i keep seeing people say they arent very reliable units. I've been seeing alot of people reccomend the TX-M, but thats alittle more expensive them im wanting to do, if i have another option open to me first.
  8. I'm assuming this is a reference card? If I'm all air cooled is there really any difference between reference or a custom?
  9. It's for a personal computer, gaming on it mostly. Some streaming/editing
  10. So I'm currently trying to work on a new build, but I'm getting hung up when it comes to picking out what I want for my graphics card. At current, the only monitor I have to work with doesnt go past full HD 1080. I've been trying to find a vega card, leaning towards a sapphire, which is seems I'm finding new nitro+ 64s cheaper then the used 56s. Would this card just be overkill? Should i be looking at the 580/590 instead?
  11. Currently im not playing all that much. I've got Star trek online, Second Life, and some old stand bys like Witcher, Skyrim, Fallout 4 If im not planning on overclocking, (mainly since i dont know how to at this point), Is the 8600k/9600k Worthwhile over the 8600/9600?
  12. My budget im looking around $1500 USD for a full system. And i realize i mispoke, I meant the K chips for intel, the unlocked. My current monitor isn't even 1080.
  13. Im currently in the process of looking to upgrade my existing computer from the i5-4570 Configuration i have now. With the CPU and Motherboard that i currently have, i know that i'll need all new hardware. And that's where im confused as to what direction i should be looking in. I've seen lots of good things about the Ryzen CPUs, and their price point is more attractive. However, i also know that the intel chips tend to benchmark better for gaming then the AMD units. Gaming is going to be my primary use out of my computer. I don't stream my games, and i dont have a need to do any video editing or similar sort of resource intensive tasks. I also dont know if its worthwhile to look for an unlocked CPU, as i've never done any overclocking. Lastly, i dont know if there is anything in particular that i should be looking at when it comes to the new Motherboard. I know for an intel unlocked -K chip, i would need a Z series board, but are they any other features that would be recomended?