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  1. hey! did u figure out your high fps but choppy issue I have the exact same thing. its so frusterating

  2. Hey guys. I started playing Blackout and i need help with learning the game. Playing alone is kinda boring for me and my friends dont rly wanna play it. So yea. If anyone wants to join and teach me a thing or two, i would be more than happy to accept. My current stats
  3. Well i was randomly going in cpu-z and saw that it says that my memory is DDR4- 2132 . So i am confused now. In my Bios in the XMP profile its turned on 2933. Or does it boost up when in games and stuff ? PC Ryzen 2600 Sapphire Vega 56 2x8 GB 3000mhz g.Skill Aegis MSI b450 Tomahawk Mobo 600W Be Quiet! PSU EDIT: Forgot the picture
  4. I tryed with off and with max. Still the same ... idk
  5. Hey guys. Im kinda having problems with games in general. Especialloy now where the Blackout is free i have the fell its laggy. I dont know what it is. My screen refreshrate is on 144, in game its set on 144. Graphics are kinda medium, i turned them down to see if its still laggy. When i normaly play i have high fps but i noticed when in the open i turn around it drops to 65 or so, but that still should not make the game laggy. It feels like im playing on 40-50 fps. I dont know what it is rly. Average FPS is 110... PC: Ryzen 2600 Sapphire Vega 56 2x8 GB 3000mhz g.Skill Aegis ram MSI B450 Tomahawk mobo Game stored on Kingston SSD 480 GB Windows on Samsung nvme 250 GB 960 Evo 600W Be Queit! PSU Screen is Acer KG251Q 144mhz
  6. Any program i can use? I had HDsentinel i think, and the drive was on 99% health at first, and after a week or so it was on 98%. But my current nvme is also on 98% so i didnt think much of it..
  7. Well i tryed how fast they are. This is my Samsung Nvme, and this is my Kingston SSD.
  8. I've had a problem that my SSD spikes to 100% usage and my pc freezes for like 10-20 sec, and then the usage drops to normal 1-2% and everything works fine. I tryed everything, but didnt help. In the end i took an old Nvme out of my laptop and used it as boot device, and kept the other ssd. Now i dont have any freezing problems in windows, only if i open a game from my old SSD, sometimes the game freezes for 10-20 sec, but i can Alt+Tab and browse my newsfeed till the game works again. So its ether a faulty SSD or my Mobo Sata connectors are not good ? I dont know...This is my first pc build and i can say its not plug and play like i tought.. Ryzen 2600 Sapphire vega 56 2x8 GB 3000 mhz g.Skill Aegis MSI Tomahawk b450 SSD Kingston 480 GB (old boot drive) Nvme Samsung Evo 960 250 GB (new boot drive) 600W Be Quiet! 80+ bronze
  9. The Molex connector is there to provide more power to the card from the system. It could be like @Homeless Pineapple said, that you overloaded it without the molex conected, but there should be a failsafe or something that prevents that from happening...
  10. I have a 480GB SSD and i got like 4-5 games that i play and that is rly enough. I would go with a 1080p 144Hz monitor. I've got a Acer KG1 KG251QFbmidpx. It was cheap and it is good IMO. Edit: you can also go with both. Get an Samsung 960 Evo 250GB for your windows. Its rly good and cheap atm
  11. Imo an Nvme is the best you can get for the money. A samsung Evo 960 with 250GB is perfect. Cheap and fast. It boots my windows in 5-8 seconds. Boots faster then my Monitor can turn on. With a normal SSD it takes way longer in my PC. Maybe my SSD isnt the best, or maybe my Nvme is just good. But i would allways get an nvme for windows
  12. Well the path from the app to the games is ok, it shows them and how much space they take, but the apps say nothing is there... Take a look