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  1. Hello, I’ve just built my new pc setup with a msi Z390 board and I’ve ran out of usb headers to plug in my h150i pump cable. Does anyone know what I can use to plug it in with since I don’t want lose my front USB ports in my case
  2. Gullyy

    Upgrade cpu for gtx 1070

    Yeah I think I might upgrade to 8700k.. need to find some money first
  3. Gullyy

    Upgrade cpu for gtx 1070

    Yeah ASUS Z170-A. just trying to overclock atm and i set my core voltage to 1.250 at 4.2ghz and on AIDA64 cpuid it shows my core voltage is on 1.328 somtimes higher to 1.340 to me this seem way too high, any help would be appreciated as im pretty new to overlclocking Edit - motherboard is currently sat at 65c
  4. Gullyy

    Upgrade cpu for gtx 1070

    i previously tried overclocking before to 4.2ghz but found my motherboard gets pretty hot around 60-65c, not sure if this is a problem or not.
  5. Gullyy

    Upgrade cpu for gtx 1070

    Thanks for the replies, i have been thinking about getting the 8700k and then upgrading my graphics card to maybe a 1080ti in a couple months when i get paid lol, i will try overclocking. my cooler is a h115i
  6. Gullyy

    Upgrade cpu for gtx 1070

    Hello, I was wondering what cpu to use with my gtx 1070. I am wanting to run games like Battlefield V on ultra.. atm my cpu runs at 100% and limits my framerate. im looking at upgrading Motherboard, cpu and cpu cooler. Any recommendations would be great! :) specs atm - i5 6600K @ Base clock 16GB 3200mhz corsair ram Z170-a motherboard GTX 1070 founders edition