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    I have a ROG GL503VS Scar edition. Specs are below i7-7700HQ GTX 1070 240GB NVME SSD + 525GB SATA SSD 16GB DDR4 2400MHZ Ram Should I upgrade from this? The reasons why I'd want to are: 1) Portability. The laptop is quite heavy with the charger. It's also thick in today's standards 2) Battery life. Battery life is short. 2hrs on max battery saver mode with brightness set to minimum I want to upgrade to the latest RB15 i7 9th gen Rtx 2080 max q
  2. I have a ROG GL503VS and I already repasted both the CPU and GPU with Noctua NT-H1, and have lower temps, around 3C from stock paste. I plan to repaste my CPU/GPU so that I could run it a tad faster, lower temps, and lower fan noise (on MAX). What can you advise me to do? Also, can you recommend me a better thermal paste and what pros and cons it has? Thanks guys I undervolted the CPU by -160mV. Fans Maxed. All my storage are in SSD RIG SPECS ROG GL503VS i7-7700HQ (-160mV Undervolt) GTX 1070 16gb ram 240 pcie m.2 ssd for boot + 525gb sata ssd for storage/games
  3. TCProtoGee

    Getting the most of your ROG GL503VS

    So, this is the most that I could do? Will repasting the CPU and GPU do any good?
  4. I currently own a ROG GL503VS. I want to get the most out of my rig. I currently applied a -125mV undervolt to my CPU and overclocked my GPU by 200MHz on the core. My GPU temps are 83C and my CPU temps average on 83C as well. I benchmarked my CPU with Cinebench and got 710. In 3D Mark Firestrike, I got 13000. I wish to improve my system further. Do you guys have any suggestions? Specs: i7-7700HQ undervolted -125mV GTX 1070 OC to 200MHz 8x2 2400 RAM 240GB Nvme SSD for a boot drive 525 gb sata ssd for a secondary drive