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  1. So, ok, playing Gears 5 multiplayer with Vsync off I was hovering around 60-70% CPU usage(gpu usage 97%), Vsync off, 17-25% cpu usage. Seems the monitor I was using was going off 1 core that was using 80% and not overall 8. Still, 60-65% cpu usage still seems a bit high no? Metro Exodus with Vsync off still 70-80% cpu usage 99 gpu usage. Just seems oddly high, unless games suddenly use a full 8 cores now Forgot to mention my GPU is a 1080.
  2. So, while playing Gears 5 I noticed my CPU usage was pretty high( 9700k, gtx 1080). So I started playing other games to check it out. While playing Metro Exodus with Vsync off, my GPU usage was 97-99, cool, but my overall cpu usage was hovering around 75%-80%.... Gears 5 also had my 9700k using 70-85%. I'm seeing other people with a 9900k(yes I know, more threads) with only 40-45% usage with Metro Exodus... Not sure if my cpu usage is high or not, I'm not getting any stuttering. Buttery smooth performance, just my cpu usage being that high with an 8 core chip seems odd?
  3. Weric

    9700k temps

    So, I've had the 9700k for a bit now, no throttle issues, stock boost to 4.9, running a Noctua NH-D15s. Now, when I play Monster Hunter World, my temps will be 55-60, but a couple cores have reached the 70's, my voltage isn't high, not sure if something is wrong. Now, at the moment I'm chalking it up the the temperature in my bedroom upstairs just being so warm. Right its saying my room is 80 degree's F... One core reached 70, another 71, in a warm bedroom on an NH-D15s... Normal? Max Vcore reaches around 1.23
  4. I just installed my 9700k and fair warning its a warm chip. I think the Asus board might need some tweaking in vcore, but at stock during games I hover around 40-45, 50 max. Cinebench just gets to 70 on one or two cores, on an NH D15s. You could buy the black noctua fans? Not sure if they have ones that would fit the NH D15, worth a look. Personally, I always stay with Noctua when its an air cooler.
  5. Woops, 1.248, sorry.
  6. So, I bought two sticks of 3200mhz ddr4 Corsair memory.... I threw it in my system, all is well, they are two 8gb sticks. I also have two more 8gb sticks of the same memory, but the speeds are 3000mhz... would I run into any issues if I throw the 3000mhz memory in there with the 3200mhz memory to give me 32gb of memory? Its just sittin collecting dust ajd its brand new memory.
  7. Looks like the current setting is 1.048, highest Ive seen it go is 2.48.
  8. I understand 70c is a safe temp it just seems a bit high for a stock cpu on an NH D15S running one round of cinebench. Hard to find a lot of user tests on the 9700k, no ones buying it cuz they have 8700ks. So, you would zay 70c on the noctua, stock clocks turbo up to 4.9 is normal? Im not used to hot cpu's honestlt, I went from a 3770k on a noctja U15S whicb was super easy to cool, to the Broadwell 6800k on an NH D15S which was also really easy to cool and NEVER reached even 55C. Heck on cinebench stock clocks it may have hit 42. Just nerve racking to see those tempz when Im used to much lower lol
  9. It gimps my clocks by almost 400mhz though. Think I'll check my thermal application, but I applied it the same way I've done it for years, unless I wasn't putting enough force down and a lot of air bubbles started forming and messed it up.
  10. They need to hurry up and come out with a bios update for these AVX settings throwing higher voltages out there, there's a few forum posts I see people saying they changed the AVX setting and temps noramlized
  11. I just set my AVX negative off-set to 2 and the temps are low 50's.... thats insane
  12. Just started playing For Honor and my FPS was dropping to 44-50 steadily(vSync on), CPU runnin close to 70C(I did turn power saving mode on though)
  13. Those seem like stable temps for stock settings?
  14. Hey guys, I just upgraded to a 9700k, using a Notcua NH-D15S. Now, this thing had no problem keeping my 6800k under 45 when playing stuff like the Witcher 3... but now while playin Witcher 3 I'm up to the 60's. I ran a cinebench multi core test and briefly hit 70 on one or two cores. Does this chip really just run that hot? Or should I start toying around in the UEFI and messing with vcore? If so, what should I do? Maybe my thermal paste application wasn't great too?