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  1. These all seem like really good options, except I don't think I'm quite ready to replace my current keyboard yet. I was wondering if something like this could be a good solution until I'm willing to make a bigger investment. I haven't heard great things about these keypads, but unless there are any major flaws, or reasons not to get one, it seems like a fairly good solution to me. Thoughts?
  2. My current keyboard is tenkeyless, but is still to big. About how much more room could I get with a 60%? Thanks!
  3. Due to wrist pain, I've recently switched from using my wrist to game to using my arm. So far its worked out great. I haven't had any pain yet, and my aim has gotten a lot better. The only problem is that my mouse bumps into my keyboard when I'm trying to do large turns. If I move my keyboard to the left, my mouse has plenty of clearance but my keyboard arm gets in an awkward position. Would a one handed keyboard be a good solution to this problem? If not, what other ways could I go about solving it?
  4. A few years ago, I decided to buy a new mouse. I only thought I was going to do very casual gaming, so I didn't take anything into consideration, except for the ergonomics. After a while of searching, I ended up with the omnivi core gaming mouse due to its large size and heavy feel. Recently, I've been getting into more competitive gaming, and was wondering if I should upgrade to a g502, or another more reputable mouse. The problem is, I'm yet to find one that I enjoy the feel of more than the omnivi mouse. What do you think? Should I upgrade to a mouse with better specs, or keep the one that feels the best?
  5. I asked on another post what a good 150$ upgrade for my setup would be, and a few people recommended 144hz monitor. I've been surfing on Amazon and newegg, but I can't seem to find any 1080p 144hz monitors within my budget. Any ideas?
  6. So, I have exactly 150$ to spend on upgrades for my pc. I've looked, but I can't think of anything under my price point that would be worthwhile. Any suggestions to improve my pc or setup? Thanks! Here's my system: Ryzen 7 2700x X470 gaming plus motherboard Ripjaws v 16gb 2400 RAM Xfx Rx 5700 plus Sentey MBP750-HM Power Supply, 750w corsair mp300 120gb m.2 ssd Unknown 250gb ssd Unknown 1000gb HHD Acer G276HL 60hz 1080p monitor Arctic freezer 33 esports edition cooler redragon k552-r rgb mechanical keyboard logitech g502 mouse
  7. I'm wondering if I'd be able to make a little bit of extra money by finding old dell optiplexes for cheap, slapping in some ram and a GPU, and selling it as a gaming pc. I realize that this is an oversaturated market, so if this isn't a viable idea what other ways could I pick up a bit of extra cash with my computer skills? Thanks!
  8. Ha! I have 142 hours on skyrim as well.
  9. Do you think it would be worth the extra 20 bucks to get the sapphire pulse rx 5700, or should I stick with this one?
  10. I'm upgrading from an rx460 to a rx5700, and was wondering if anyone has any experience with this card. I've searched alot, but cant seem to find any reviews on it. Thanks!
  11. Thanks! Just wondering, would it be better to use DDU, or AMD's display cleanup utility?
  12. So, I'm upgrading from an rx460 to a rx5700, and was wondering if I need to uninstall my rx460 drivers before installing my new ones. I heard somewhere that you don't need to uninstall previous drivers when upgrading from one AMD card to another, but I'm not sure. This is my first time upgrading my GPU, so I don't really know what I'm doing software wise.
  13. Ever since I upgraded my boot drive to a M.2 SSD, my hard drive has started disappearing randomly (about once every 4 days). When I restart my PC, it will appear again like nothing happened. What could be causing this?