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  1. lervayy

    Which one is better?

    Hello gamers i was wondering which cooler was better. The Noctua NH-NH-U12S SE-AM4 Or the MSI Core Frozr L. Thanks in advance.
  2. lervayy

    Is it a good RAM?

    Well they are both 3200mhz and run at CL16 so i think there shouldnt be much difference, i reckon ill be all G
  3. lervayy

    Is it a good RAM?

    I know that HyperX is a reputable brand so i should probably go off that. Imma but this RAM. Thanks.
  4. Hello gamers Im looking for 3200mhz RAM to go with my Ryzen 7 2700. Will the Kingston HyperX Predator DDR4 3200 be good? Never bought any hardware from HyperX so i don't know what to expect. Thanks in advance.
  5. lervayy

    XL2411P Compatibility

    Thanks gamer!
  6. lervayy

    XL2411P Compatibility

    Hello fellow gamers, will the Benq XL2411P be compatible with a GTX 1070TI via displayport? The GTX 1070Ti displayport is 1.4 And the XL2411P is 1.2 Will this affect the compatibility in any way? Thanks in advance.
  7. lervayy

    Recomended MOBO

  8. Hey, im looking forward into building a PC with a 1070TI, Ryzen 7 2700, 16GB 300Mhz RAM and im not sure what Motherboard i should pick. My max price is 100€. Thanks in advance.
  9. lervayy

    Recommended PSU

  10. lervayy

    Recommended PSU

    PD: Max Price 90€. Must be 80+ Certified.
  11. lervayy

    Recommended PSU

    Hey fellow gamers, i'm building a PC and i'm not certain on which PSU to choose. The build is as follows: GPU: GTX 1070Ti 8GB RAM: 16GB RAM 3000mhz CPU: Ryzen 7 2700 MOBO: MSI B450M Gaming Plus STORAGE DRIVE: 1TB HDD BOOT DRIVE: 240GB SSD Thanks.
  12. lervayy

    G-Sync vs FreeSync Monitor

    The reason G-Sync is so expensive is because unlike AMD it's not a software that is installed on the monitor and is open sourced, its a specialized chip which is harder and more expensive than FreeSync. So the answer to your question is: No you cannot find a relatively same priced G-Sync monitor. Unless you have 400$ and willing to spend them on a monitor its unlikely for you to get a G-Sync monitor
  13. lervayy

    New Ryzen Budget Gaming PC

    Refund all the pieces (or sell the PC) and get a Ryzen 5 2600, RX 570 4GB and 8GB DDR4 RAM
  14. lervayy

    New Ryzen Budget Gaming PC

    This build is trash. For 500-550$ you can get a better machine that will have double the performance.
  15. lervayy

    What should I upgrade first?

    yikes ermm.. List of components to upgrade: CPU MOBO Memory Storage SSD GPU