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  1. Go with 3600mhz 2x18GB RAM Kit Upgrade ur PSU to a 650-700W PSU MSI B450 Tomahawk as your motherboard Buy any sort of 500mb/s SSD, they are all good and from reputable brands always, unless you want M.2 then you should go for Samsung EVO's Unless ur Monitor is 144hz already, u should buy a 144hz refresh rate monitor, i recomend aoc g2590fx For GPU you can go with the Zotac Gaming GeForce RTX 2070 Mini 8GB GDDR6, it might be a little bit overbudget, but ur saving in another parts so you can afford 50$ extra, For CPU definetely Ryzen 5 3600X Buy 2 extra 120 or 140mm case fans, depending on your chassis For peripherials you should find ones that you feel comfortable for you, since these are different for everyone, i personally recommend the Duck Mini 2 as keyboard and Glorious Model O as your mouse, and G430 Logitech as headsets
  2. Th Thanks for taking the time to explain this to me, appreciate the effort you put into this text, thanks a lot
  3. 2x8GB Ram sticks rated at 3200 run at 1600 Does this mean since 2 sticks each run at 1600 = 3200 or is it a problem?
  4. Anyone got good colour settings for the AOC G2590FX? Thanks.
  5. Already saw those ones but they are too heavy and tall
  6. Im looking for the best CPU Air Cooler with a max height of 155mm Price doesn't matter. Socket is AM4
  7. Hi, i get 40-60C on idle on my Ryzen 5 2600x running on stock cooler, and 60-80C while gaming, Are these temps normal or should i worry?
  8. lervayy

    Desk width

    What is the best width for a desk to game on? Im looking at a 60cm one but i don't know if it will be enough
  9. I trust asus rog more than any other brand, if i need to spend 30€ more just to have asus i will. Besides the overprice, its a good choice right?
  10. Not looking to overclock, what b450 do you recommend then?
  11. Hey gamers I was looking at the MSI x470 Gaming Pro vs Gigabyte Aorus x470 Ultra Gaming Which one is the better one? Msi is +5€
  12. Hello gamers i was wondering which cooler was better. The Noctua NH-NH-U12S SE-AM4 Or the MSI Core Frozr L. Thanks in advance.