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  1. yeah thats right, the only hassle here is that you have add your games on at a time in Windows setting, The best part is P106 only cost 400CNY(about 58USD) here.
  2. I know my English writing can use some improvement, but Im confident that you guys can understand what Im saying Here is that "cracked" Drive https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1TN3MJlirDWNYvFanq3RI-EWZ9nDzGtFw?usp=sharing
  3. Yo guys Someone from china(yeah thats my country) has used something like deceptive software to go around NVIDIA`s DirectX Block on P106, which Im sure you guys know, is specific designed for mining. I got his tutorial file attached if anyone is interested, since its chinese, I did my best to translate it. It seems after cracking its DX block ,this thing`s performance can be nearly identical as a GTX1060 6G Im still uploading that cracked driver to my google drive, once its done I`ll post link here BTW, how do I let Linus know about this? Maybe LTT can do a video about this P106.docx