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  1. i will keep that in mind going forward about the the AMD Ryzen 9 3900X went the price drop a bit lower (closes to the i7 10700) and look forward for the new the amd chips they will release in the futures. perhaps replacing the mobo and intel and keep some of the old pc rig.
  2. maybe 14 or 18 core and 20 thread or maybe high
  3. I wants to use water cooler instead of a heatsink and the majority of the water cooler have RBG on it which I don't need.
  4. Very true that AMD have highest Core and thread compare to Intel and price of this chips it's almost similar to the i9 which I don't need at the moment. However, just waiting for the price to drop a bit when they release a must higher core and threads for AMD.
  5. I may switch to AMD in the future or when they release more chips with higher thread and core as well as less overheating on the CPU or better CPU cooler.
  6. The reason I went w/ the intel it's because I used to own 2 AMD laptop in the past that keep overheating on the keyboard and that one thing I didn't like about AMD. In addition, I own an macbook air that have i5 and didn't have any issue with overheating.
  7. it's first time building a computer and still I have a long way to understand how to do overclocking as well as I don't wants to mess up my OS. Also I just wants to use Intel for some gaming and programming.
  8. I just wants to try out the new intel and my computer pretty old now w/ the intel i5 6400.
  9. What's the different between the i7 10700K and i7 10700, in addition to the Max and Base frequency. I just bought the i7 10700 and plan to buy the MSI Z490-A PRO Intel LGA 1200 ATX MOBO and add the EVGA GeForce RTX 2060 Ko Ultra with 650 psu.
  10. Ok, got back home, I removed my old graphic card (GTX1050) then added the new MSI GTX 1060 graphic card after that reset my computer into safe mode and use DDU. Finally I google nvida driver and installed the latest driver. Now my computer is reading the GTX 1060. By the way my old gtx 1050 doesn't have the pci-e power plug. Here are my mistake that I did: -I use the DDU before installing the new graphic card. -My PCI-e was hidden in the opposite side of the pc case, thought didn't need the PCI-e. -I went to the Nvidia's site and click on the drives then download the version 416.94, instead of using the all nvida drives to find the latest version. Thanks you so much for the help 1.pdf 2 - Reduced.pdf 3 - Reduced.pdf 4.pdf 5 - Reduced.pdf 6.pdf 7 - Reduced.pdf 8 - Reduced.pdf
  11. Going to do that when I back home and update on that soon
  12. I bought an MSI gtx 1060 oc a few day ago, after 3 day I decide to install the gtx 1060 to my computer, however, the gtx driver is not detected in the device manager instead I see the Intel graphic driver in the device manager and by the way my resolution have change too from a 1600x600 to a 800x600 resolution screen. Even when I download the latest driver from Nvidia's site the driver isn't detected. Here my spec: WIndows 10 home edition Intel i5 6400k AsRock h110m-ds/Hyper (I know is out of production) 16GB ram PSU 400w I don't if my new graphic is broken because I forgot to unplug the power cord, by accident, even thought my computer is completely shut down, or they send me the wrong graphic card. By the way when I put back my old graphic card, the gtx 1050 2gb, my computer run fine and the graphic card is detected in the device manager. I wonder why this only happen to gtx 1060 for the older computer. Thank whoever ready this.