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    No Where
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    Tech Related,Game,VFX
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  • CPU
    6600k 4.2 GHz
  • Motherboard
    Asus Z170 Pro Gaming
  • RAM
    16Gb Trident Z
  • GPU
    Had 1080 zotack APM Extreme
  • Case
    Hand Crafted
  • Storage
    256 ssd evo
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    Lg 4k 60hz not for gaming
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    win 10
  1. yeah if you got important files on your system its better to use one
  2. it was the Nord Vpn i dont know why but i turned off start with windows then i restart the pc the no pop up till i opened the nord vpn @VegetableStu thank you
  3. @VegetableStu Any suggestion to clean up my pc its really driving me crazy or any prog to completely delete every file related to a prog even in registry. Thanks
  4. in details shows and i opened its this page . i believe that the last time i installed videodownloader.ummy.net its a internet video downloader and that was a big mistake it was a russian developer and intalled some other programs i cleaned up the pc in regedit and cleaned temp files and anything that i knew its just this one remaining and i really cant find what is trying to connect i have Glass wire doesnt show it cause before anything happens eset blocks it. (programs that run after logging in are safe) : ) @VegetableStu
  5. nothing after the windows start up it just pops up and it tries to connect 4 times and its just stops until another startup @VegetableStu
  6. Hi My eset smart security is blocking the domain https://73dkt-vwrqs.xyz/ then i found the site but cant find anything about in internet every site that has something about my prob its theirs and i have no idea please explain any one knows about it help me fix it