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  1. I didn't check the gpu temps though. The cooler was exausting on the gpu.
  2. I checked the temps a lot of times and the highest I saw was in the 80s C and it never shut down because of thermals
  3. Hello I just realised after one month of building my PC that the CPU fan was the wrong way. Could that damage my CPU in some way?
  4. Hello which one of Logitech z213,z313 and creative a250 should I buy?
  5. Hello is this a good amount of thermal paste? CPU is ryzen 3600
  6. Hello I'm planning to buy a laptop for university. Is the i5 8265u better than the r5 3500u?
  7. The thinkpad is ugly in my opinion and matebooks are out of budget
  8. Hello in 2 weeks I will start university and I'm looking for a laptop. I'm between a Lenovo IdeaPad 330s with r5 2500u,8gb ram,1tb hdd,128gb m.2 ssd 1080p ips with 30wh battery which costs 599€ in my country And a hp pavilion 15 with r5 3500u,8gb ram,1tb hdd,128gb m.2 ssd 1080p ips With 41wh battery which costs 649€ What do you guys think? Thanks for your help
  9. This wasn't my question because I uninstalled and Installed again ryzen master would I have to do the same with the chipset drivers?
  10. Hello if I uninstall ryzen master will the chipset driver stay there or I will have to install it again?
  11. Hello I unscrewed a little the one screw from the vrm cooler because I thought it was the standoff(dumb me) I screwed it back in fully. Is there any chance of a problem? Motherboard is b450 tomahawk
  12. Hello is the https://www.whenisthenextsteamsale.com/ a legit safe site?
  13. Hello since I installed my old ssd in my new PC I booted into windows without reinstalling. I did a factory reset of windows. Is that ok or I need to reinstall? Pc runs fine
  14. Also ambient temperature is around 30-35C because I live in Cyprus and it's really hot in summer