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  1. The pc will be a r5 3600 and Rx5700xt which pulls around 350w I think
  2. Hello my brother just ordered a be quiet pure power 11 600w and the max operating temp is 40C In my country ambient temps in summer are 35-40C. Will that be a problem?
  3. Hello is be quiet pure power 11 600w is a good unit? It will power a pc with a r5 3600 and Rx5700xt
  4. Yes the tx650m I'm sorry. The 80+ gold one
  5. Hello my brother is going to build a pc with a r5 3600 B450 max A-Pro is around 90-95 euros B450 max Tomahawk is around 125-130 euros Which motherboard is a better value right now for a ryzen 5 3600? Thank you.
  6. Hello my brother is going to build a new pc. Cpu: Ryzen 5 3600 Gpu: Gigabyte rx5700 which psu is better. The seasonic core gc 650 or the corsair tx650? Is the seasonic core gc 650 good in general? Thank you
  7. Hello I was reaching to change the volume of my speakers which is next to the monitor and accidentally hit the screen with my arm. Monitor seems fine. Is there anything to be worried?
  8. Yes I noticed it when I tried to install the usb 3 and hdaudio because it bended a little
  9. Yes there are screws on the top and middle
  10. I have already built the pc. Will it be ok?
  11. Hello. I have built a new pc with pure base 500 and b450m and it seems that there are 3 standoffs missing. Case didn't have more Included
  12. Hello. So I've build a new PC in the be quiet pure base 500 with an micro atx motherboard. The case was missing 3 standoffs but didn't have any I included to install myself. Is it ok?
  13. Hello is there a problem I'd the 24pin is being pressed by the case?