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  1. Hi thanks for replying no i am having no issues at all just was not sure if it could be a problem later
  2. Hi two days ago I reapplied the thermal paste on my cpu and noticed some marks on top of the cpu and on the fan heatsink. I got a feeling i might have tighten it too much when i first put it together and was hoping someone might be able to help me by telling me what these marks are. It has been two days and pc is running smoothly and temps are good.
  3. Thanks for the reply was not planning to buy more ram saw it on offer and went for it might have to return it back I think
  4. Hi In my PC i currently have 16GB (2x8) Gskill F4-32OOC16D-16GVVGB Memory DDR4 3200 and recently found this kit that was on offer https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B015FXXBW0/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1. Would I have any problem using both kits together the only difference I could see was the colour being different and could not any anything else that would cause a problem. When I contacted gskill they told me that they do not recommend mixing two kits together but I should try updating my bios and see if i still have bsod issues. Before I updated my bios I checked to make sure my memory is working correctly by doing a Windows memory Diagnostic which kept coming up with no issues, after that I used the System File Checker tool and had issues with that too and the same with a antivirus scan using bit defender. Once I had done all those I checks and kept getting bsod errors, I decided to update my bios which went smoothly and bsod stopped happening so frequently but still get them sometimes and today i ended up getting a boot failure message and that is why I am here hoping some can help me. PC BUILD I7 9700k Gskill 32gb 3200 DDR4 ( two kits of 16gb ) Dark Rock pro 4 AORUS Z390 PRO GTX 1070 Ram Layout #0 - 8 GB PC4-25600 DDR4 SDRAM G Skill F4-3200C16-8GVGB #1- 8 GB PC4-25600 DDR4 SDRAM G Skill F4-3200C16-8GVKB #2 - 8 GB PC4-25600 DDR4 SDRAM G Skill F4-3200C16-8GVGB #3 - 8 GB PC4-25600 DDR4 SDRAM G Skill F4-3200C16-8GVKB Any help is appreciated Thanks Harjm
  5. Which motherboard would you recommend for the 8700k and will my cooler master hyper 212 be enough or should I still upgrade CPU fan
  6. Hi thanks for the advice I have heard that quite abit too about getting the 8700k instead and might end up doing that tbh. The nvme I ended buying as a offer Amazon had on black Friday for £170 I do agree there will not bee much difference noticed
  7. Thanks for the reply was thinking the same too
  8. Hi is this deal worth it https://www.ebuyer.com/860390-msi-mpg-z390-gaming-pro-carbon-lga-1151-ddr4-motherboard-mpg-z390-gaming-pro-carbon?utm_source=hotukdeals&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=hotukdeals Or am I better of getting a Gigabyte Z390 AORUS PRO My pc spec will be I7 9700k Gskill ripjaw 16gb Samsung 970 nvme Noctua NH d15 or dark rock pro 4 Thanks for the help
  9. Thanks will have a look at the 2700x
  10. Yh that is what i was thinking to as it would be a long wait and nothing is confirmed yet for specs thanks for the help
  11. Yh I guess i could wait a while until they get announced brought the rest of my upgrade just left the motherboard and CPU as the last two also heard AMD announcing new cpu's in Jan
  12. Hi thanks for the reply I did not realise i selected the air cooling Section thanks for letting me know
  13. Hi I am upgrading my pc and have motherboard and CPU left to buy. I have been waiting for the I7 9700K to go down in price a bit but no luck yet and was wondering if it would be better to get AMD Ryzen. PC will be mainly used for 3D modelling using programs like UE4 and 3DS Max with occasionally playing game. Would I be better off buying a AMD Ryzen CPU over I7 9700k or maybe getting a I7 8700k would I notice a big difference in performance. Thanks
  14. Thanks for reply was looking at that and thinking maybe getting dark rock pro 4 as they are quite similar and hopefully will fit easier
  15. Thanks for the help appreciate it
  16. Hi I do not disagree ryzen for the price and performance is great and have really seen some great offers and started to get tempted to go ryzen but i have had intel from the beginning and not really had any problems but will have to see how the rpice for i7 goes if it does not go down much near Christmas or even after might just have to go ryzen I guess
  17. Thanks appreciate it with the prices of intel at the moment saving a bit on other components will help a lot trying to see if i7 drops in price but do not think i will have much luck
  18. Thanks for replying what would u say for motherboard the gigabyte or asus leaning towards Asus but gigabyte is cheaper and can not really see much difference between them
  19. Hi can anyone recommend a air cooler for the i7 9700k I am looking at a Noctua NH-D15 Premium and currently have a Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo Case: Cooler Mastercase maker 5 Ram: GSkill Ripjaw v 16GB Mobo: Asus Strix e Gaming Gigabyte Aorus Pro or the wifi version
  20. Hi could some help me please i am buying a i7 9700k upgrading from my i5 3570k and currently have a Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO will this be enough for the i7 or would i have to buy a new cooler. My case is cooler Master case maker 5 ram i brought brought is G.skill Ripjaws V 16gb
  21. Been looking online and for some reason the i7 8700k and 9700k and near the same price range which i thought was quite odd I was expecting the 8700k to be cheaper
  22. Thanks for the reply was also thinking that about the CPU but was not sure tbh watched videos on YouTube saying similar
  23. Hi budget wise I am thinking £1000 but will go a little over If I have too I use it for 3d modelling mainly and do play games on it occasionally
  24. Hi I am upgrading my pc which i made about i think almost 8 years ago and it is time for a upgrade and would really appreciate any help i can get. PC is mainly used for 3d modelling software like 3ds max,UE4,Substance Painter amd etc I occasionally play game too. My Budget is around £1000 but if required will go over a little becuase i would just like to upgrade it know so it will not need touching again for a while and can concentrate on looking for a ultra wide monitor down the future. Current PC Specs Intel Core i5 3700k Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo Corsair XMS3 16gb DDR3 1600 MHz Coolermaster GX-Series 700W Lite Asrock Z77 Pro-M Asus Strix 1070 which i brought to replace my AMD XFX 7950 Double D 500gb SSD 1TB SSHD 1TB HDD Upgrade I am planning on Buying i7 9700k Asus Strix z390 -E GFaming OR Gigabyte Z390 Aoeus PRO WIFI Team Group Vulcan T-Force 16gb DDR4 3000MHX ( currently £108 on overclockers inlcluding postage but not sure if i should go for it) https://www.overclockers.co.uk/team-group-vulcan-t-force-16gb-2x8gb-ddr4-pc4-24000c16-3000mhz-dual-channel-kit-grey-tlgd416g30-my-087-tg.html PSU not sure if i should upgrade Parts I have Brought Already Samsung Evo 970 1TB NVME WD Blue 1tb m.2 SSD which i mistook for nvme Drive but was thinking maybe keep it for storage drive or might end up returning it. Any Suggestions would be very helpful Thnaks