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  1. My router does not support port forwarding, it does only through port triggering. Here is a screenshot of my options and a screenshot of port triggering How do i setup this to work for a game that requres port forwarding? which port should i set to trigger so that i can be always remain open/ when needed? for example. 1. the ports Black ops 4 requires to be open to play 2. the port 19324 used by a minecraft server i created? Thank You In Advance
  2. this issue only happene with rainbow six siege only. not any other game or any other app. steam, orign, even other uplay downloads are stable. only this game download is like this
  3. Hello, Recently i bought my dream PC with the help of this wonderful community who helped me decide the critical parts. I really appreciate how helpful you guys are, thank you so much. now, I installed a new driver (dolby atmos) into my pc and the hardware detection seems a bit off. The driver with the headset connected to the front io panel and the speaker connected to the back io panel. now what happened is. the hardware seems to have locked itself. If i switch places then, the headset is listed as a speaker and the speaker is listed as a headset. normally i wouldn't care and just keep using it just as it is. but if i use the back panel. then the mic input gets lowered so much that i have to talk on the top of my voice for people to hear me. i checked the control panel but couldn't fix it through any microphone setting. so i am not sure how to fix it. basically, even if i have my headphone plugged into the back panel, the control panel shows the headphone as plugged into the front panel while the speaker is connected to the front panel. thank you.
  4. hello, recently i bought a monitor, https://www.viewsonic.com/us/va2256-mhd.html#specs here it says the monitor is 75Hz but in the settings it shows the monitor is 60hz
  5. unfortunate there are no reddragon in my country so i had to take the b820r
  6. Hello, As the title suggests. I don't understand the difference between these keyboards 1. A4tech Bloody b820r 2. A4tech Bloody b810r 3. A4tech Bloody b760 Thank you
  7. Hello, i am a gamer on a budget i can't decide between the two. 1. Fantech X5 Zeus 2. Logitech g102/203 Logitech one is $12 more expensive. And alot of my friends are suggesting it but I don't understand what kind of advantages it brings? I don't flick the mouse quickly (just a casual gamer). So spinning out isn't happening here. Does it have anything to do with accuracy? I mean, most sensors now are good enough to be very accurate right? By accurate i mean better tracking with mouse acceleration turned off Note: i mostly play fps games Thank you
  8. I just found it out. The cheaper one has 40mm driver while the more expensive ome has 53mm but the store used the same picture for both That's why i got confused
  9. Can someone please tell me the difference between the two headsets. https://www.techlandbd.com/cougar-phontum-essential-headset?search=cougar%20phontum And https://www.techlandbd.com/cougar-phontum-headset?search=cougar%20phontum Thank you.
  10. https://www.techlandbd.com/viewsonic-va2256-mhd-22-inch-monitor?search=Ips monitor&sort=p.price&order=ASC Or https://www.techlandbd.com/lg-22mk430h-b-22-inch-full-hd-ips-led-monitor ?search=Ips monitor&sort=p.price&order=ASC I'll be hooking it up with a RTX 2060 Ryzen 5 2600 16GB ram. 1. Mostly gaming 2. Some production work Another thing is, I don't think 5m/s is possible at this price range. And is 15m/s that noticeable? I don't play professionally so, whichever would be the best image quality
  11. I was playing a game, as usual. And then suddenly my PC froze for 10 seconds. Then i got the blue screen error saying that my PC ran into a problem and restarted. Then when it restarted, it was showing "please insert a proper bopt device" i tried connecting the other sata ports, but once i connect to a new sata port, the windows 10 boots for a few seconds then shows the "pc ran into a problem" and then reboots. After that Everytime i use that specific sata port. It directly goes to the efi shell v 2.31 [4.654] now 3 out of my 4 sata ports show this problem. Is my HDD causing the sata ports to fail? I cannot even get into windows boot settings. My usual boot sequence is untouched. I haven't changed anything in the motherboard over all the years I've used this PC. Can someone please suggest what to do? Update: my HDD is not spinning. So, it might have died