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  1. it automatically is the same voltage and timings as the xmp profile for 3000, and on the box it ironically says "built for ryzen"
  2. should easily go to 2933, doesn't though. fyi they're 3000mhz, and, the motherboard supports 2666 to 3200 but not 3000 which makes no sense really.
  3. i said i overclocked it to 2666, so you don't need to inform me on the basics, but appreciate you trying to help.
  4. thought it would as it's listed under supported, worth a shot, because 2666 works, as it's listed
  5. all programs use ram, the faster the ram the faster it loads and performs.
  6. out of the box it comes at 1.35v, went up to 3200 just now at 1.375v and insta error code where would that be in my bios? edit: looked though it all, "mtx" isn't anywhere.
  7. trying to overclock it to near 3000 (2933) fails to post, and i have to jump the cmos. Is it possible to overclock 3000mhz memory to 3200mhz? I'm new to memory overclocking so I'm not sure.
  8. I bought some ram 3000mhz which my motherboard doesn't support, only 3200 and 2666 mhz, i'm wondering if ryzen master will make it run at 3000mhz and run normally without any issues. motherboard is an ab350m, memory is patriot viper 3000mhz, bought it on sale (the ram, good deal so wasn't thinking about support.) note: I haven't flashed the bios, as i don't believe there is a need, as i'm overclocking to 3.8 with my 1600 no problems nor would it update memory support.
  9. can u delete urself like the game?
  10. Finally got to orlando, now waiting for it to be delivered to my local post office. Probably will be here tomorrow, finally!
  11. oh boy. i'd just pay the $5.25 and be done tbh
  12. how does that even happen. Thankfully here in the US they like to hand it off to our government approved shippers, only if they dont have DHL in your area though.
  13. I assume they add a note onto your account or something of the likes that is seen by warehouse workers. I live in florida so the only shipping companies i've ever seen are usps, ups, fedex. First time with an unknown shipper and it's horrible. For the most part I believe here where I live there's no fedex nearby, so I only see them when driving. If anything I'd say i've had it lucky until this point. Thanks for the information, I'll most likely contact newegg support after my package has arrived.
  14. how'd you go about making sure newegg doesn't use DHL anymore? and does it cost you extra? I don't mind paying 15-20 just for my package to not be handled by them, infact, i'd gladly do that instead of paying what i did for expedited (ironic as it is), i'm not sure about a few days ago, but yesterday and today there's no snow on the route from there to here, and they should easily be able to make the drive in at least two days (because google maps exists, and shows traffic data and the quickest routes.)