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  1. Al right maybe this has been asked or its here somewhere but i cant find it so here we go. Does anyone know when the ASUS ROG HELIOS chassis will be up for pre order? or does anyone have any information about it?
  2. Ok i have a PNY 1070 maybe an XLR8 version dont remember. I have changed the thermal paste so the tamperproof stickers are gone. Does anyone have experience with PNY RMAs? Would they still honor the warranty? I know the law but they can basically make it really hard for you to get the RMA to a point where you give up. Is it even worth it getting into legalities over this? Any ways any help is appreciated
  3. that being said does the strix make more sense when priced at 199.99?
  4. I don't think ASUS VRMs are not enough to overclock my 8700k to 5GH maybe 5.1. At the moment this build is heavy on the aesthetics because its going on a wall mounted case. I don't love the looks on the gigabyte and the M.2 heat sinks are pretty bad looking (in my opinion). the way i see it is if i weigh 200 pounds and i need a bike and my options are one that's rated for 300 and the other one is rated for 500 then that spec becomes irrelevant since they both can do the job which is why i settled for ASUS. I also had a GIGABYTE board before and didn't love it either, and i was checking the GODLIKE from MSI which was really my only other considered option but when i saw Gamers Nexus review on it, it kind of fell from the list. Thx for your opinion though.
  5. Looking into upgrading my MOBO (already sold Strix z-370) and was already decided on getting the Maximus XI since it was only like $40 more. However i found a deal for a Strix Z-390 for 199.99. i want some opinions since i think it makes a lot more sense since the XI isnt that different from the Strix. what will i be missing on? This will be paired with an 8700k (will OC) and cooled by a Corsair H115i PRO (so no crazy OC) However i plan on upgrading to 9900k when prices normalize or might skip it altogether not sure yet.
  6. did you solve it? im about to buy a maximusXI for my 8700k and this thread is making me hesitate...
  7. Exnoss

    AMD validated RAM

    so im trying to populate all my slots and this kit is the same spec as the previuous i bought except for the amd validation. its like 100 less! ok so this just brought up another question. CAS latencies are different, original is 17 AMD cert is 18 would this bring any problems using XMP or would i have to OC manually and adjust timings manually? (never done it, could do it, but rather not have to mess with it)
  8. Exnoss

    AMD validated RAM

    Thx guys, thats what i thought. I just wanted to hear some reassuring comments from someone i guess, or see if anyone has run into any issues...
  9. I was about to buy a set of g.skill ram and noticed it said "for AMD". should i expect any issues to run it on my z-390? opinions, suggestions, thoughts...