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  1. Its not and its 750watt gold rated pretty good psu and i tried to boot with different psu backplate of rtx 2080ti was so hot to touch that it almost burned my finger when it was trying to boot to windows
  2. Thank you so much for the help i just didnt expect gpu problems to bootloop and bsod i was so sure its either mb ram or cpu
  3. I found out the reason and its because of dead rtx 2080ti gigabyte gaming model another faulty one from nvidia... it caused me these boot problems. I plugged in my geforce gt530 just to check if it works and its working perfectly
  4. I was in normal windows for like 2 minutes downloading the driver then i lost the signal monitor went into power save mode
  5. I just got onto windows normally then opened hwinfo my vcore was rocking as high as 1:45volts lol and temps were line 60c thats absolutely mental
  6. It would be so interesting because how it lets me get into safe mode but crashes in normal mode because of drivers i doubt its because of drivers but ill try
  7. Will do and also i forgot to mention i already did fresh install of windows so i havent been able to download anything yet so could it be because of lack of drivers idk?