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  1. yes its right next to me, i moved it from the back io to the front and the issue still there
  2. Hi all, I bought a Bluetooth adapter (TP-Link UB400) so that i can use my dual shock 4 controller wireless-ly. Everything connects fine but I get random short disconnects before the controller reconnects itself. (Light bar will flash red for 3-5 seconds and then back to blue). During this 3-5 seconds the controller stops working and its a real pain to deal play with, it will happen on multiple occasions. Any idea what could be causing it and what could be a possible fix? I've tried this with 3 dualshocks 4 controllers and all yield the same issue. Thank you
  3. Pretty much the title, if it possible what decently priced 650w psu is reliable? Hows the corsair tx650m?
  4. Update: I fixed the issue. I still don't know what I did but all my FPS are back to normal. Even siege. Thanks to everyone who replied. Last night was one of the most stressful time of my life. I was so afriad ny GPU had an issue.
  5. I usually get around 210-240FPS on siege. However, yesterday i started getting 80FPS only no matter what settings i change. I reinstalled siege today, and im now getting 144FPS, but it stays there. I lowered the resolution and it was still 144fps What do i do to get back my initial fps?
  6. Update, CS is back to normal. However siege is still fucked. Will try to reinstall siege
  7. CPU utilization was 43% in siege, GPU at 100%. Unigine Heaven Socre: FPS: 254.1 Score: 6401 Settings Used: 1080p, High quality, Normal Tessellation is this normal?
  8. Tried it and it still didn't fix it
  9. I'm not sure how to get back the older driver
  10. Yup, just did it. Still having the issue. Is there a chance that there is something wrong with my card?
  11. i7 9700k, asus prime z390-a, 16gb ram, 750w evga psu i had the pc for over a month now, never had an issue. Only happen today
  12. So I have a RTX2080 and I normally get around 210-240FPS on siege and about 300FPS on CSGO However after downloading the new GeForce update, I suddenly get around half of what I used to get 80 on siege and 150 on CS. This was even before I installed the update. It still didn't fix it after the installation and a restart What do I do? PS: I tried playing a game of CS and I'm getting around 40% utilization on my GPU. I'm not sure if this is normal or it's too low.
  13. Would it be compatible with the RAM and case I have? Case: NZXT H440 RAM: Gskill Ripjaw V Series 8x2
  14. How's the Noctua nh-d15s? Would that be fine for some light overclocking?
  15. I have the 212 already from my old built, I might look into overclocking in the future. Plan to upgrade the cooler when i do Thanks for your reply