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    Core i7 930 @4.1GHz
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    Rampage III Extreme
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    12GB 2GHz (9-9-9-24)
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    SLI GTX 670's 4GB
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    Corsair 800D
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    120GB SSD + 4TB HDD's
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    Corsair 1000W
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    Dell 24" 1920x1200 & Dell 30" 2560x1600
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    Custom Water Cooling

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  1. Yes that is correct. I tried that and it still doesn't work. Thank you for the suggestion though! I've heard TWRP will be the solution to all my issues through my googling - however; I don't have an S3 I have and S2 i9100 the international version which is apparently not supported so I can't flash TWRP. Thanks though. Really appreciate that, I gave it a shot and it didn't work it failed like the rest. Thanks for the suggestion but this also failed to install. Anybody have any ideas why I wouldn't be able to install Gapps?
  2. I installed the latest CM12.1 release for my Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100 and it fixed some issues I was experiencing on CM10 stable so I want to stick with it but Google Apps is not working? I have no play store or any google apps, I tried installing the Gapps for CM12.1 but the install process always fails. ROM: cm-12.1-20150801-NIGHTLY-i9100.zip Gapps: gapps-5.1-arm-2015-07-17-13-29.zip I'm using CWM Recovery & I also tried installing with the new Cyanogenmod Recovery that you can enable in developer options both fail.
  3. Thanks Squirrl, do you know where I would link it? because I have the .js source on my PC and it doesn't seem like Zoomify provide a live host for the js so I imagine I need to upload it somewhere on my SquareSpace site? If I do get this part of it working I still don't know the <div> to place on the page in HTML Block to display the program. Thank you.
  4. I've purchased the program Zoomify (Link) and I need to get it working on my SquareSpace website but I don't have any idea how. I checked SquareSpace answers and everyone I saw that had asked this question (specifically about Zoomify as well) hasn't gotten any answer so I was hoping somebody here could help me. Or at least tell me if it's possible.. Thank you!
  5. *Where it says clear cook I meant to say Clear Cmos as my PC is down I'm stuck with my half broken SGS2 and auto-correct. Couldnt find edit post button on mobile either. Sorry!
  6. I have been running my i7 930 @ 3.8Ghz for years (stock 2.8Ghz) since the chips release essentially. I decided to give 4Ghz a shot I had managed it before but I couldn't this time no matter what I did it wouldn't post. So I decided to try going back to my saved 3.8Ghz profile and then that wouldn't post either. So I tried hitting F2 on boot and loading "defaults" and even that had trouble but on the second attempt it got into Windows. Problem is mouse and keyboard appeared to lose power after about a minute in Windows and Windows itself appeared to be frozen. While trying to fix this by clearing Cook and poking around the BIOS I noticed this will even happen in the BIOS - Keyboard & Mouse stop responding after a minute or two and although I'm not certain (as there is nothing to judge it by) I believe the BIOS is frozen also. I'm assuming some part has been fried, but if anyone knows what could be causing this please let me know as I'm out of ideas. Thank you for any help!
  7. Definitely glad I waited instead of buying the original Swift. I think I'll wait for the next Swift if they don't manage to squeeze 120Hz out of this monitor at 4K resolution. I've had my current one for nearly a decade and it's still works great but do want an upgrade but considering how long a monitor can last I'm willing to wait and I think twice the refresh rate and twice the resolution is the perfect time to upgrade.
  8. My friend left her Lenovo X1 Carbon with her kids and now the keyboard and mouse have been disabled but the kids have no idea how they did it. Does anyone know how to reverse this? She says the touchscreen is working fine on her Account but Keyboard & Mouse do not function but when she logs into another User Account (Guest) both keyboard & mouse are working there so I'm guessing this is some setting for touch screen only mode that has been switched on and I won't be able to help her for a while so I'm hoping someone here has one of these and knows the trick to it so I can just tell her over the phone? Appreciate it!
  9. Program shortcut stops working after a reboot. When I edit the shortcut in properties it starts working again until I reboot. What could cause this?
  10. Awesome, thanks I will give that a shot. Appreciate the help guys.
  11. I'm having a hard time getting the font to play nicely with the re-sizing the page of the website I'm making. What I really want is the text to resize like the image behind them when I set it at a % but I can't seem to do that with text. Yeah I'm pretty rubbish at this stuff. Would really appreciate the help.
  12. Hmm, sorry about that I can't seem to replicate the bug but that would be annoying. SCP is actually a lot better than I thought it was, it makes my PS3 controllers act as if they were made for PC. I didn't realise this but it actually doesn't need any program running after installation even in wireless mode (besides active bluetooth of course) I just boot up my PC and hit the PS button and it instantly connects to my PC without me having to do anything. But if you want customisation you run the "SCPserver" and you can control which controller is 1, 2 ,3 or 4, check battery life and configure buttons although I'm not sure you can map any button to any action it looks like you just have different profiles to choose from but if they have that then I'm sure there is somewhere you can edit those profiles or something. Have a good one.
  13. Oh sorry to hear that. That is really odd I had it running on my PC for hours without issue. Are you certain it is that program causing the blue screen? Shame if it is as Motioninjoy just seems so unsafe but might be the only answer. I've been running SCP for days now so that is surely stable but unfortunately lacks the features you need (I think). Good luck!
  14. Oh man.. Bluetooth problems.. I use the on board Bluetooth in my Rampage III Extreme so I'm guessing that complicates things but I have spent many hours trying to get it to work (It is supposedly supported). Last night I was reinstalling BT loading new stacks and anything else I could think of trying to get my controller to work again (I reinstalled Motioninjoy for reasons I'll mention later) I remembered it being a pain to get working but that was a real refresher. As a fellow tech guy I'm sure you know what I mean when the problem is so unique that even googling doesn't come up with anything related to your problem. Everything "looked" to be working fine I even gave up on DIY and started following multiple tutorials and I was doing everything right. BT was recognised and Motioninjoy claimed the pairing worked but when unplugged the controller just wouldn't connect. Another funny thing is there is a hardware button for the BT on my mobo and the controller only connects when that is OFF but I need to turn it ON if I wan't to connect my phone or anything it's really strange and a bit of a let down as I really liked (thinking) I could physically switch it off and not have to worry about BT vulnerabilities. After hours of troubleshooting hitting the reset button on the controller is what fixed it (I haven't spent much time around PS3 controllers and didn't know they even had a reset button) it was just a shot in the dark but it worked and I was too happy to care about the annoyance of the simplicity of the fix after all that trouble. Reason for my reinstalling is during my research into all this I found out that Motioninjoy has Serious security issues, occasionally pops up ads and not to mention the pretty sub-par UI. But the biggest issue for the official program is by far the fact it is constantly connected to some server (and communicating with it regularly) in China for no apparent reason as it's not related to the ads. I'm not sure if what it's doing is malicious or not but even if it isn't if the author desires to abandon the software someone could pick up the domain and use it maliciously as it's signed by MS and we've told our OS to trust it. But there really is absolutely no need for that connection which makes it seem pretty suspicious. There are two solutions however which is good 1). Better DS3 and 2). SCP I opted for SCP as I've found I don't really need all the features of Motioninjoy and wanted to separate myself from that software as much as I could. Better DS3 seems like the one for you though as I know you do use the mapping features, essentially it is Motioninjoy done right, it's actually based off it. He pretty much just cut out the online connections of the program so it's no longer talking to random servers or popping up ads and also can be used when you don't have a network connection and then to polish it off got rid of the ugly html UI and made it a proper program. Much cleaner and easier to use and best of all safer, it has all the motioninjoy features and a few more to boot so if you wan't to keep using Motioninjoy you should definitely switch to this version: http://betterds3.ciebiera.net/ it is based off the latest version too so it's very up to date, more so IMO. SCP is apparently unrelated but as far as I can tell lacks all the features of Better DS3 but I'm not sure about that I've not really looked into it because I decided I don't really need them as I rarely use the controller anyway and when I do Xinput works fine. It's simple and lightweight and makes the controller Plug and Play for a wired connection no need to run any programs but if you want to use it wirelessly you do need to run a lightweight background program which is what I use. I opted for this just because I didn't need the extra features of Better DS3 (Motioninjoy) so I may as well get as far away from that software as possible but I'm sure Better DS3 is fine seems like the guy cleaned it up nicely. Heres a link if you're interested anyway: http://forums.pcsx2.net/Thread-XInput-Wrapper-for-DS3-and-Play-com-USB-Dual-DS2-Controller Sorry about the long post haha, a lot to read but you helped me out so I figured I should return the favour, if SCP isn't for you definitely make the switch to Better DS3 just for your securities sake if not for the many other benefits. I'm guessing you're all set up on your new desk by now congratulations, it's a great feeling refurbishing something to your tastes! Thanks again.
  15. Haha, I just noticed the controller panel right after that edit so figured I should remove it but you were too quick! Thanks for all that I'll mess around in Borderlands with the controller tonight. I would use wired but I only really use the controller for when I'm gaming on my TV which is too far from my PC for wired but seems to work okay wirelessly. Thanks for all this! I'm off to mess around with it. Have a good night.