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  1. Tigrou

    i7 4790 clock speed

    Max turbo boost clock depends on the number of cores currently used. On your I7 should be as follow : 1 Core : 4.0 Ghz 2 Core : 4.0 Ghz 3 Core : 3.9 Ghz 4 Core : 3.8 Ghz This is something you can tweak around in the BIOS :
  2. Tigrou

    8086k vs 9700k?

    They are two very similar CPUs. Both are from the same Coffee Lake microarchitecture, so they will have the same single threaded performance. Multithreaded performance : 9700K has 33% more cores (6 vs 8 ) but on the other hand 8086K has hyperthreading which usually gave about 30% more performance (so they are very close each other). The 8086K is probably more fun to overclock and has more potential in that area since it's binned while the 9700K is probably not (I would say best samples goes for the 9900K and less capable ones have HT disabled and are sold as 9700K).
  3. HR-02 Macho Rev. B It hit 77 degrees in Crysis 3 on extreme settings with a 1080TI. I haven't tried any 100% CPU stress test yet (like Blender). It's probably a little higher. @Plutosaurus : thanks very helpful. I already saw that review but miss the 8086K result.
  4. I have a 9700K (non OC). It's a great CPU but it run a little too hot with air cooling for my taste (even with a huge heatsink). I was wondering if a 8700K (which has very similar performance or at least something negligible for me) would be 5-10C cooler.
  5. I searched hard but could not find any review comparing thermals of 8700K (non delid) vs 9700K (with same cooler of course). 9700K has STIM (so it should be a little cooler) but on the other hand it has slightly more agressive clocks and 8C/8T vs 6C/12T. I would like to know which one is the coolest under stress, without OC (base clock with Turbo boost active) and without delidding.
  6. Thanks for the info. In their review, they also put results of the NZXT Kraken X61. https://www.tweaktown.com/reviews/6930/thermalright-macho-rev-cpu-cooler-review/index6.html It is 5 degrees cooler vs Macho. The X62/X72 probably performs better.
  7. I have a HR-02 Macho Rev. B. It's a great cooler. With my previous I5 2500 I rarely hit more than 50-55C at 800RPM. I have upgraded CPU to 9700K (non OC). When I play some heavy games (eg : Crysis 3 in extreme) it reach 75C easily (fan goes up to 1000RPM and thus becomes noisy). I was wondering if upgrading cooler to a NZXT Kraken would improve a lot temperature ? (and thus noise) I am thinking about X62 or X72. I cannot find any review comparing the two (since Macho is pretty old now)
  8. Tigrou

    Very indecisive person

    Hyperthreading is a technology which allow the CPU to use idle units inside a single core to execute a second thread. Since most of those units are already busy when CPU is at full load, HT doesn't really double the cores. That is why a 8700K 6C/12T behave very similarly to a 9700K that has 8C/8T. We saw a similar thing with the old I7 4C/8T being similar to the recent I5 6C/6T. About OP : a 8600k (6C/6T) will be fine for now. Anyway future games will probably use more and more threads, especially after the new generation of consoles will come. A CPU with more threads (like Ryzen) might be more helpful in that case. I don't think it really mater because the GPU (RTX 2070) will probably be the biggest bottleneck here (for future games).
  9. I am checking differences. 12 phases, wow. It seems a lot better than Asus 4x2 .
  10. In DE the Asus Z-390 Prime A is at 177 EUR Also I will probably not overclock it.
  11. I need to upgrade my current rig (with a 9th generation intel CPU). I am looking for a motherboard. My choice ended on the Asus Prime 390-A. - Is there any reason to no choose that board ? - What are the alternatives in the same price range ? What is important to me (beside longevity) is to have good sound card (no ALC887). The motherboard I have for the moment (from 2012) has a lot of EMI interference and this is real pain. Thanks in advance
  12. Tigrou

    8700K CPU upgrade

    Is there any advantage taking the Asus Prime Z390-A instead of Prime Z370-A ? Their price is about the same.
  13. Tigrou

    Building a new gaming PC

    That is a really good price, 8700K in Germany is usually min 390 EUR.
  14. Tigrou

    8700K CPU upgrade

    New ryzen's are very tempting (low price and more cores than Intel probably) but AFAIK they will only came mid 2019 at best. It's not even sure if they will match Intel IPC. I have an I5 2500 for the moment. Not sure how long it's possible to wait with that rig For example I have lot of stuttering in RE2 game. Not sure if CPU is the issue or the game just poorly coded. This ruins gameplay on a 1080 TI (which is more than enough on that game). Another option : to buy a "cheap" AMD CPU (eg : R5 2600) + motherboard. Then replace CPU later by Zen2 (since motherboard should be compatible).
  15. I am going to buy the following components (to pair with already existing 1080 TI, this is a PC upgrade) : - Asus Prime Z370-A - I7 8700K - 16GB Corsair Vengeance DDR4-3000 CL15 (2 x 8 kit) First off, are all components fully compatible ? What about buying DDR4-2400 CL14 instead ? (less latency but slower speed) Is there any reasons to no buy that mother board (eg : VRM issue). I am planning to do some moderate overcloking (i have some decent cooler from previous build) Thanks in advance.