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  1. As of right now I have a PRIME B-350M-A micro atx motherboard and its been good to me however i was wondering if there's any point to upgrading my motherboard and what benefits it would come with it as well as how would windows respond if I change my motherboard. One thing I had a problem with was my ram not to long ago i bought a 3200mhz speed ram and every time I went to the bios and change it to that after a while in idle it would crash however, I don't know if that's the motherboard or my CPU (ryzen 2600x) anyways any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advanced.
  2. David_2716

    Blue screen new ram?

    Oh alright thanks so much! I changed the ram frequency to 3000mhz and so far is been fine than when i had it at 3200mhz i was trying to run doom and everytime i tried it would crash now it boots up and i'm able to play it. Will keep testing out this setup and see if theirs any problems if not i my try to mimic that other ram you mentioned. Also what would i have to do to get it to 3200mhz just wondering is it my mobo or my processor, or some other thing that might be affecting it. Thanks anyways!
  3. David_2716

    Blue screen new ram?

    Ryzen 5 2600x Zotac gtx 1070ti Asus b350m-a mobo Evga 750w supernova Vengeance 16gb 3200mhz c16 2 8 sticks Samsung evo 860 500gb ssd 1tb Toshiba hdd Stock wraith cooler Thanks for any help!
  4. So I recently installed some new ram and after being on my pc for a while their was 2 blue screens that happend they didn't happen right away but one right after I installed the ram a tired out a game then the next one after an hour plus of surfing and talking to freinds. This never has happend before until I installed this new ram is their any reason why you guys might know. Also if this helps discord just restarts sometimes by itself and idk why. Any help would be appreciated. Also the pc runs fine third no hippus or anything. Well besides the blue screen.
  5. David_2716

    does ram increase cpu temps?

    oh ok yeah i think its the voltage my old stick used much less than this set.
  6. so I recently installed some new vengeance ram that i got (16gb kit 2 8gb sticks at 3200mhz) and was just wondering if having faster and more ram increase the temperature of your cpu. Before I used to have a single 8 stick at 2400mhz im pretty sure and used to run at idle at 31 and under regular load like chrome discord etc it would go up to 40 ish sometimes high 40s but now with these new ram sticks it spikes to like 50 whenever i open and app etc basically higher than usual or form what i remember. it wasn't will I turned my fan speed max till i started getting more consistent lower temps. around 34 idle and 44 high 40s on same type of load. basically dose more ram equal more temps or did I do something. ps. the only thing i did was manually set the ram to the 3200mhz speed but didn't touch or have overclocked my cpu.
  7. David_2716

    Ram voltage

    Just installed some 3200mhz ram and manuly set it to its 3200mhz mark I was also just wondering how much power I should give it it's set to 1.35 as of now but do not know if that's enough. Also their a 16gb vengeance 2 stick of 8gb 3200mhz
  8. David_2716

    Wondering if this temp is ok?

    no its just stock with the boost speed and the wrath spire cooler it came with.
  9. Just installed my new processor and was wondering if these temps are good when i'm gaming on heavy loads like overwatch on ultra it runs about 70-71c max and other games around 60c give or take. its a ryzen 2600x btw thanks for any input.
  10. David_2716

    PSU for Vega 56 + Ryzen 5 2600?

    well like you said if you wanna future proof a bit then a vega 56 would be good however we don't know how long it will take developers to take advantage of the vega cards they still have to abide by console standards which they might just port over and not give any features the ti on the other hand is also very good right and wont go anywhere anytime soon so both cards will last you a long time. They are both pretty much the same performance wise and if you really don't mind waiting and want an amd card you can wait for the Navi cards that AMd is releasing that will rival the Nvidia cards at a cheaper price. (supposably that's what the leaks say). If not it's really your preference at this point.
  11. David_2716

    Rx 570 on ryzen 3 1300x causes bottleneck ?

    I mean i used to have a rx580 4gb and a ryzen 5 1400 and it ran great on everything high except shadows and motion blur off around 120 frames a sec average. I dont know how far in power a 570 and a 580 is but i wouldn't expect a lot.
  12. David_2716

    PSU for Vega 56 + Ryzen 5 2600?

    I was in the same predicament and decide on getting a 1070ti because I don't have a freesync monitor and it was a bit faster in most games than the 56 form the test i saw however if you do have a freesync monitor I would go for the 56. It also gets a bit hotter than a ti but it shouldn't be a problem. idk where your buying it but newegg also has a special where you get 3 free games if you buy an amd card as well as Nvidia cards also but only one game so that's something to keep in mind.
  13. David_2716

    Cpu Temperatures

    oh ok, also I was using core temp to see my temperature settings is that reliable or no.
  14. David_2716

    Cpu Temperatures

    its a ryzen 5 2600x and it has the warith spire