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  1. My aunt works for a company and recently an extremely shady person left their phone at the building and proceeded to disappear for several weeks and accumulate $6,000 on the company card. He ended up charging a car rental to it and reappearing all the way in Louisiana (we live in Oklahoma). His phone needs to be wiped of all things involving the company and my aunt says I can have the phone if I can wipe it. I’d really like to get this phone because it’s a huge upgrade over my current phone. How can I wipe it without the password?
  2. For both I’m looking at the 128gb storage 6gb ram. Which would people of this forum recommend?
  3. I have a dc psu that says 12vdc 3000MA will it fry my arduino uno r3? It says 7-12v for the arduino but will 3000MA kill it?
  4. Here are the things he wants: 500gb ssd at least 500gb hdd (or empty 2.5” slot) 10 key keyboard he doesn’t have much use for a trackpad i7 8th gen 1070 or greater Centered keyboard Backlit keyboard (not necessarily flashy, just visible in the dark) has to be 17”
  5. She’s keeps it plugged in most of he time and just needs something to function consistently
  6. Which micro sd card is better gskill or sandisk 128 gb
  7. I’m looking for a laptop for my grandma. It needs to have an optical drive, be pretty cheap, have good tech support, and just be all around reliable. All recommendations are welcome.
  8. My grandmas relatively new (compared to the time they keep other electronics) dell Inspiron 3543 laptop just lost its hard drive. It’s giving the error code 142. Does anyone know what the course of action would be to get her documents and pictures off of it. I have tried to get her to use google cloud but she insists on using Microsoft office and saving nothing to the cloud. Her photos have not been backed up either. She has three books she’s writing on the hard drive. She probably has some sort of virus, or the specific hard drive could be crappy. She leaves it plugged in 24/7 into a crappy looking two prong outlet to three prong plug adapter. All help is appreciated.
  9. Why is it that it isn't recommended to run it on a raspberry pi zero w?
  10. Can an arduino or similar micro controller run Pi Hole? I'm just trying to get house wide ad blocking as cheap as possible.
  11. I have several questions. 1: can you build your own proxy server? 2: would a proxy affect where I show up on the “findfriends” app? 3:If there isn’t a way of making your own, what are some free, reputable proxies that you would recommend? I’m asking these questions for parental reasons.