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  1. Yeah I know there are a lot of mainboards, but my question was more which one to go for. From reviews I've read, the MSI Z390 ACE is pretty good, but lacks onboard gpu and m.2 covers, the Gigabyte Aorus Master is fantastic but has a very difficult bios to work with, the Asus boards have bad VRM's (at least the Hero XI) and I don't like Asrock. So if you'd need to choose between the MSI Z390 MEG ACE or Asus ROG Gaming Z390-E, which one?
  2. Budget around 250 euro. Prefer either Asus or MSI. Goals: gaming, slight overclock of the 9700K, some rendering work, paired with X62 cooler. Which one would you suggest? Currently considering MSI Z390 ACE or ASUS ROG Z390-F Gaming. Pro's/Cons.?
  3. Upgrading from a 6600K/HERO VIII mainboard to either the i7 8700K or i7 9700K (about same price here). Mainly gaming, doing quite a bit of photoshop and some sketchup rendering too. So which cpu would you recommend, and which mainboard to go with it? Current thinking : i7 8700K + MSI MEG Z390 ACE
  4. Since I'm planning to upgrade to an RTX in the somewhat near future anyway, I guess a cpu/mainboard upgrade is needed anyway. For the cpu I think I'll go for the i7 8700K since that still has multithreading where the newer 9700K has 2 more cores but lacks multithreading, unless I'm wrong about this. Price is about the same. Mainboard is an even harder choice due to all the different options. I have my eyes set on the MSI MEG Z380 Ace which looks pretty decent, or the Asus ROG Z390 Gaming-E. I would like a decent mainboard with a good amount of oc options, and some additions like RGB headers are nice. Don't want something with a lot of colours/logo's etc. Black/grey is the best. Any suggestions? Any thoughts on the 8700K vs 9700K ?
  5. I don't understand your question, sorry. What do you mean?
  6. Ok thanks for the input. So still preferable to go for the Intel instead of the Ryzen? I know the Ryzen has more cores/threads but the intel has a high clock speed and since most games tend to not support over 6 cores... On the other hand, the AMD has a nicer upgrade path, while intel seems to "lock" you into one generation with their chipsets. I suppose going with a newer cpu won't give me a drastic boost in performance, but I'll get at least the max out of my gpu right?
  7. Yeah I figured this much, kinda strange that intel stopped giving the i7 hyperthreading, not sure if that makes a big difference since it now has 8 cores but still. Another option might be the Ryzen 2700x but from what I've read this cpu is quite a bit slower than the 8700K/9700K for games right?
  8. Ok thanks. Thing is, yesterday I tried BF:1 and BF:V at the "low" setting at 1920x1080 and even at that setting, I hardly every got over 100fps, sometimes 110fps but more often in the low 90's. The 8700K is around 460 euro over here, the 9700K is 499 so maybe better to go right to the 9700K then? Any suggestions for a mainboard? Is the MSI Z390 ACE any good? Or the Asus Maximus XI Hero? My current ram is Corsair (https://www.corsair.com/eu/en/Memory-Size/vengeance-lpx-black/p/CMK16GX4M2A2666C16). Is this good enough for the 8700K/9700K? Or should I look for faster ram too?
  9. I appreciate all replies. And of course I'm not willing to spend money if it's useless. But fact is that I'm getting around 60-70fps at 3440x1440 in BF:V with my current setup which is not enough for me, since I want to use as high fps as possible without sacrificing in iq. Strange thing is, when I set the BF:V settings to "low", framerates go up a little (90Fps avg) but cpu usage does not increase when I do that. So a lot of times, when setting the settings to low the cpu is around 80% and gpu too. Which does not make sense to me. So what is holding back my fps in Bf:V at that resolution? The cpu? The gpu?
  10. Will I get better fps by upgrading my cpu? Just did some tests in BF:V, when I set everything on ultra I get around 80fps with default fov, around 60fps with higher fov. CPU usage seems to be in the 80's when using these settings. Mind that I can upgrade to a RTX2080 for about the same money as doing a cpu upgrade.
  11. So upgrade cpu first? I have someone willing to buy my current mainboard/cpu, so switching to a 8700K and a new high-end mainboard will cost me about 400 euro.
  12. Been playing BF:V for a few hours and noticing that I'm not getting consistent +100fps on my computer. I'm running a Maximus VIII Hero mainboard, Intel i5 6600K cpu, 16gb ram and an EVGA GTX1080 FTW. Since a few weeks, I've started using an ultrawide 3440x1440 and this resolution is kinda taxing on my system. I have noticed that when I disable a few gpu settings in BF:V, my cpu usage quite rapidly goes to 100% so not much gain then. So I'm considering an upgrade. I have two options (for now) : upgrade cpu/mainboard or gpu. My main goal is getting higher fps at very high settings at 3440x1440. So what should I do : 1) upgrade my GTX1080 > RTX2080 (costs the same as a 1080ti here) and keep the 6600K for now 2) upgrade my 6600K > 8700K and keep the GTX1080 for now Which one would give me the better performance boost? Of course, I'd love to upgrade both but cannot spend that much for now.