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  1. yer i don't plan to go over 8 cores thats why im holding off
  2. yer isn't the whole thing about gen 3 gonna be same TDP and around 2x the core count?
  3. i do have a ASRock fatality and it has done me well,
  4. so if i got something in the mid rage like a Gigabyte B450 AORUS PRO id be good?
  5. dayfall

    Radeon 7

    the current thinking amd has is its supposed to be a game/production card with the 16gb of HB2 justifying production side ( also hbm2 added about $150 to the price), but in reality its a 2080 level card that doesn't offer the same feature set as the 2080 like ray tracing and DLSS, which love or hate is a key selling point and is why they can charge $700usd+, we know navi is coming in some form but amd are ether still testing it OR don't think its worthy of a CES keynote, most reactions iv seen are the same as everyone's here, a mix of "umm ok,what?" to "what a joke", the only thing i see pushing people to the radeon 7 it is if they want the free games, they don't care about the things you get with RTX like DLSS etc, and this is all with the assumption it can go blow to blow with the 2080 in games, which if it can't its not worth $700, i have my own ideas on why they showed this card but there based on leaks and rumours and not fact.
  6. IM looking at moving to ryzen as an upgrade and want to know what people mean when they say some b450/x470 motherboards won't get pcie 4 validation and that this can effect people wanting to use the new gen 3 ryzen chips, does this mean that boards that don't get this validation will simply be stuck wiht pcie 3 speeds when using a Ryzen gen 3 or will ryzen gen 3 be unusable on these non validated boards?, also im going to assume all current am4 boards will get support for Ryzen gen 3 as amd said they are supporting the socket till 2020 i believe.
  7. well Linus said they have $$$$ sitting from channel super fun that anyone can take and use for a super fun video. and luke seems to be a bit blind to its effects on the game industry , like i'm currently doing a game design degree at uni and we keep being told vr is something he have to learn to develop for, like a vr set ups USED to be expensive, but a new WMR headset is around £200-300 new, while still costly is not the £500 a new vive costs but that vive comes with everything , there are articles for a year ago saying vr was dead, so i think its just something people say.
  8. I was watching the latest WAN on you tube and noticed they were talking about VR spaces and VR venues and how it would take a lot work to set one up, but there is already a fairly big one in my city. https://zerolatencyvr.com/ i have not been yet myself but i know a few people who have an fro what i have been told its pretty good, it looks like they are using the OSVR set up and everything is wireless, it could be an idea for the LTT team to go out and try a place like this for a channel super fun video and it could be a exploration of what fully commercial VR looks like,